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Udaipur is indeed a city of lakes

February 8, 2010

One hears about Udaipur, particularly senior friends from USA and Western Europe, who manage to visit Udaipur more than many of us in India.

So when I visited Udaipur during Feb 4-7, 2010 I was almost “shocked” in a positive way – how the different elements of tourism – hotels, places of interest, historic monuments, shopping places and the city – can come together to offer a “wholesome pleasant experience”.

The hotels are fantastic (of course quite expensive), the service is outstanding. In fact Oberoi Udaivilas was rated No 1 in the world by “Travel + Leisure” Magazine in 2007. Many of the “palaces” have been re-positioned (in fact re-created) and managed not by “Government Tourism Departments” but by first rate tourist operators. Even the shops seem to have learnt that “pestering” puts off people and by giving a wide choice to the customers, you win in the long run. The City Administration must be complimented for maintaining the city and the lakes clean and most of the roads without gaping potholes.

In all Udaipur seems to have got it right. One hopes that they manage the water supply to the lakes in  sustainable manner; if the lakes dry up Udaipur tourism will dry up too!

Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel is amazing

February 4, 2010

I had gone to Udaipur to give a lecture to select CIO’s on “Converged Infrastructure”. The organizers – HP in this case –  had hosted me in Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel.

The property is amazing – sprawling green campus on the Pichola Lake (in fact you reach it thru a very nice ferry ride, an option that is indeed enjoyable), large extremely comfortable rooms with private “sit out” balcony, comfort conditioners (that do not over cool the rooms with a controller that has single point adjustment), Internet that is good enough to work and not too good that you get hooked, video screen that is “well placed”..; I can go on describing the “quality” of the hardware. But the “software” – the service is the one that “leverages” the hardware; a combination of “old” and “new” tools; a person greets you with a ful smile and a full “Namaskar” with folded hands and orally greeting you with your name (assisted by “walkie Talkie and mobile phones) so that you feel “secure” and “wanted”; in fact, at every step you are “taken good care of” including the many restaurants, spa, business center, meeting rooms, lounges..;  in fact, every inch of the Hotel.

No wonder Oberoi Udaivilas was rated No 1 in the world in 2007 by “Travel+Leisure” and consistently gets voted as one of the “Top 10 luxury hotels” every year. Every industry would have a lesson to learn from Oberoi Udaivilas.