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Nice to be in Tirumala on Ugadi Day

March 27, 2009

Today (March 27, 2009) is Ugadi Day. This day marks the New Year for Chandramanas (those who follow Lunar calendar in India). The States of Karnataka, Andhra and parts of Maharashtra, Orissa follow this system; the remaning States (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Bengal, Assam, Punjab for example) folow the Suryamana system (those who follow Solar calendar in India) with New Year (Baisaki) falling generally on April 14 every year.

Since I had to attend a Technology Presentation meeting on Security solutions  at TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams) on March 26, 2009 at 5 PM, I stayed overnight and had Darsan in the morning.

The Deity had an unusual dress, of course, divinely. The couple of seconds one gets a chance to have a glimpse of the Lord is always electrifying.

The floral arrangements at Tirumala are just amazing. Due to security devotees are NOT allowed to carry photographs; otherwise it would have been photographers’ delight. I do hope the TTD Official Photographer sends at least some pictures to us. It is heartening to note that a silent devotee from Bangalore takes care of all such floral arrangement!

I also could get a Darsan of Padmavaty Ammavaru in Tiruchanoor. Being Friday it was very auspicious.

The road too was very kind; leaving Tiruchanoor at 1225 PM I reached our home(near IIMB) at 455 PM!

A great way to start the New Year which I am sure will be a great Year for me, IIIT-B and India

TTD is very tech-savvy

March 26, 2009

TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) the organization that manages the temples in Tirumala, Tirupati ) is an amazing organization.

The temple in Tirumala is one of the busiest temples in the world (with an average 60,000+ devotees visiting the temple everyday).

Located on a beautiful hill top, Tirumala is undoubtedly one of the best hill station (definitely the best maintained among all hill stations).

It manages to provide most services – Darsan, Mundan, stay, reach and food – free of cost to nearly 80% of the devotees.

The temple also is one of the richest in the world with annual revenues of several hundreds of Crores of Rupees.

TTD is also very tech-savvy. Way back in 1999, TTD introduced “Sudarsan” – bar-code based tag to identify the queue position of devotees as they arrive and use the bar code technology to replace the long “physical queue” with a “logical queue”. Over the past ten years they have extended Sudarsan to Tirupati, many locations around Tirupati, all TTD Centers in India as well as over the Internet. They have replaced bar-code with biometrics. They have also introduced a Web-site, e-Hundi (payment gateway), Room reservation system, accounting..

It is nice to see a temple management looking at technology solutions on a continuous basis. They are looking at devotee-friendly security solutions to be deployed from July 2009

May such TTD-like organizations multiply in the country

Lord Balaji comes to Bangalore

June 23, 2008

Reviving a 600+ year old tradition, the authorities of the famous Balaji temple in Tirupati Tirumala, namely TTD, had arranged for a Kalyanotsavam of the divine couple in the Palace Grounds on June 22, 2008 (Sunday). It was an exciting event. The pandal was large enough to hold as many as 3,00,000 people. All the devotees had free darsan. The lighting arrangement was superb; they had very large (up to 10 feet) screens for those sitting far away. The audio was excellent. They had re-created Tirumala temple in many aspects. The flower arrangement was fantastic. Prior to the Kalynotasavam starting at 6:10 PM, there was excellent music; Mandolin from Srinivas and Annamacharya kirtanas by one of the famous artiste, with a gifted voice. The temple priests did a great job; the devotion, festivity and the spirit of positive energy was palpable. The crowd was managed well, through a system of volunteers (though the VIP crowd gave them a tough time). The authorities brought 1,75,000 laddus all the way from Tirumala; distributed it along with food and water in 75 counters!

In all it was a great effort; hopefully the Lord will bring some relief to the battered government headed by Mr. Yeddyurappa, Hon’ble Chief Minister (who was present with his colleagues) and good progress for Karnataka in general and Bangalore in particular. His Excellency Mr. Rameshwar Thakur the Governor was present throughout. Only divine intervention can help the sagging spirit of Karnataka and Bangalore, bruised for long by people who let the slide continue for 40 months.