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NEN Start-up Day Zero at IIIT-B

June 20, 2008

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) had the first edition of their innovative idea “Start-up Day) at IIIT-B on June 19, 2008.

The concept is interesting; with start-ups getting to speed, there is a need to get the best students look up this option seriously. The Placement officers in the Institute are forced to give Day 1 slot to the companies to the companies that would offer the largest number of jobs (IT service companies) or highest salary (product companies, MNCs); start-up can match neither of them. Getting on the last date of placements does not help the start-ups. By keeping a day exclusively for start-ups that too on Day Zero (before the placement process starts) we expect to give the best option for both the students and the recruiters. There are also other innovations; “speed dating” so that the companies need not go through long presentations, written tests, interviews..

An interesting experiment, that is likely to go to other places also soon.

It was great listening to the founders / CEO’s of start-ups

RedBus, Mango Technologies, Mobisys, OutDo, Readiminds, Yos Technologies, Tyfone, 8KMiles

Sanjay Anandram, CEO of JumpStart mentioned some interesting ideas through pithy statements; those I liked include

  1. Do you want to be the 72,942rd employee or the third or 20th employee?
  2. Journey is the award
  3. Do you want to climb Everest or want to watch others climbing Everest in National Geographic TV?
  4. The five things VC’s look for in a start-up during evaluation “Team, market size, growth, USP and business models”
  5. Cost arbitrage, Labor arbitrage, Unique to India, Served out of India for the world – the four models available today for start-ups