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Class A Office space in Bangalore likely to exceed Singapore

January 2, 2011

As per media reports quoting CR Richard Ellis, the global real estate leader, Shanghai with 95 million square feet and Bangalore with 85 million square feet of Grade A office space have crossed Singapore with 76 million square feet of space. With Mumbai at 47 million, Delhi (NCR) at 45 million India is doing a good catch up in services (a good indicator being Class A office space)

If the estimates are correct Indian industry can justly be proud of Singapore having had a huge lead for decades

IBM launches zEnterprise servers

July 30, 2010

On July 27, 2010 IBM had a launch event for the newest mainframe computer zEnterprise servers.
They had invited just a select set of people (Yours truly included)

Dr Rao and Ray talked about the product details.

It was exciting to see IBM addressing all the layers

A powerful microprocessor tuning at 5.2 GHz

Very rich instruction set and microcode that allows optimisation of key applications

One of the fastest machine optimised for c, c++ and Java

Legendary mainframe reliability

A very robust security model

And with the right pricing zEnterprise will not be a hot and powerful iron but cost effective as well!

I intend to discover more features in the next couple of weeks