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Acer to enter mobile phone business

January 29, 2009

The upcoming GSM World Congress in mid-February (12-16) will see a new entrant; Acer (the manufacturer of the largest number of Laptop computers for every leading PC manufacturer, though it also sells some laptops under its own brand name) has quietly announced its intention to show case its smart phones in GSM World Congress.

Invented by Motorola mobile phones for long were dominated by the Finnish company Nokia; LG & Samsung along with Nokia pushed Motorola to a distant fourth position. Siemens pulled out after some success; Ericsson that used to have some presence, joined with Sony; BlackBerry used to be a niche player, but entering the main stream market; Apple has been having unusual success within a short time.

Even Microsoft was talking of a “Zune Phone” during CES 2009 show early this month, but proved to be just a rumor. It will be interesting to watch this market unfolding in the years to come

Apple quarterly revenue crosses $ 10 billion!

January 23, 2009

Apple announced the results for the 4th quarter on January 21, 2009; it did bring the much-needed cheer to the markets.

IBM, HP are the other two companies who cheered the market with good results (with so much of bad news from GE, Intel, SONY, Sun and many others).

Apple results were spectacular; quarterly sales of $ 10.7 billion and profit of $ 1.6 billion arising out of sales of

  1. 22,727,000 iPods,
  2. 4,363,000 iPhones, and,
  3. 2,524,000 Macs

coming as it does amidst market melt-down it is definitely special. It is also the first time that Apple quarterly sales exceeded $ 10 billion ever.

For decades (until early 80’s) IBM was the only company with annual sales exceeding $ 10 billion; every one else used to trail way behind IBM, till DEC (now part of HP) crossed $ 10 billion; in the past two decades Compaq, Dell grew fast enough to cross annual sales of $ 40 billion. In the meantime IBM and HP grew to $ 100+ billion companies thanks to the booming IT.

Apple had been an admired company but relatively small in size. By their presence (that too in a leading way) across

  • computing (Macs),
  • communications (iPhone), and,
  • consumer electronics (iPod)

Apple is benefiting from the convergence of these three key industries. No other leader has been able to benefit from all these three.

HP & IBM are great computer companies but they have no presence in consumer electronics; Sony is a tall leader in consumer electronics but struggles in communications and computer markets; Nokia is a leader in communications, but has little presence in computing or consumer electronics; Samsung is another company to watch.

One hopes that one day an Indian company gets inspired by Apple