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Apple iPad reaches users hands; Richard Gutjahr is the lucky person to get the first iPad

April 3, 2010

Today (April 3, 2010) is the official launch day for Apple iPad which many of us feel is creating the “third” platform (between PC and a smart phone)

People queued up outside many Apple Stores; the one in New York city were the first to get it as Apple decided to start selling only in USA at 9 AM local time

Mr Richard Gutjahr the German blogger was not the first in the queue; but Apple policy decided to give preference to those who had made reservations (that opened on March 12); Richard Gutjahr was the first in the line who had made reservation; within 10 minutes he was out of the Stores as a proud owner of the “revolutionary” product!

It will be interesting to watch the consumer acceptance / rejection of this product in the next quarter