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Microsoft launches “Bing” search service today

May 28, 2009

On May 28, 2009 Microsoft took the wraps of the new search engine “Bing” (earlier code name of Kumo)

Over the next one week (by June 3, 2009) it will be available across the globe 

The first looks are stunningly impressive; even Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder has a lot of positive reaction)

What can really make Bing succeed really is the fact that Microsoft added two more critical success factors over and above that of Google

  1. Speed
  2. Relevance

Google would not have succeeded if one were to wait even just 1 minute for every query (even if the result was perfect); similarly, if Google was real fast,  but the search results were to picked up by the user from a large file dumped on to one’s hard disk, no one would use Google. Speed AND relevance together made Google such a fantastic success.

Through “Bing” Microsoft adds two other significant success factors

  1. Preview, and,
  2. Multimedia

Limiting itself to four verticals

  1. Local
  2. Travel
  3. Health
  4. Shopping

Microsoft “Bing” does an amazing job of moving from a mere “search” to almost a “decision” that the user would ultimately want

For example,

  1. By giving health information fro authoritative sources (and identifying them) “Bing” ensures that the user gets “authentic” information, the key critical success factor in health information
  2. Through an ability to predict the validity of the best deals across many service providers and rank ordering them, “Bing” gets “value for money” and “time to decide”, the key critical success elements in “travel” search
  3. By bringing out the “best deal” and “avialability” along with reviews and previews, “Bing” addresses the critical needs of shopping
  4. By focusing on locations, driving instructions, classification and “nearness” the “local” search becomes phenomenally useful in “Bing”

Microsoft “Bing” is likely to make a huge impact on the way people will search in the future; just as Apple iPhone made everyone else use “touch” the search engine “Bing” will bring the “Preview” and “Multimedia” to every other search engine (including Google & Yahoo)