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Nokia launches Ovi store

May 25, 2009

Nokia has been experimenting with its “content” offering Ovi for more than a year. Today (May 25, 2009) it launched the service in Australia; it is expected to be on the lines of Apple AppStore (and similar services of RIM BlackBerry.

Interestingly there were a number of glitches; Nokia had to post a “sorry” message on its web-site; one blogger even termed it a “disaster”

Hopefully Nokia will get over such problems (Apple had serious problems with its MobileMe when launched; I can personally vouch for it as I am using MobileMe from Day 1)

It wil be interesting to watch Ovi evolve in the next couple of years; Over-the-air synchronization will be the norm if the world’s largest handset manufacture can perfect Ovi 

Nokia plans to launch Ovi in India very soon; in fact, Nokia expects Ovi to be available across the globe in couple of weeks