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One month with Apple iPhone 3G

September 22, 2008

I bought a new Apple iPhone from Airtel stores the day it was officially launched on Aug 22, 2008. It was pricey, but I did want to start using an iconic phone. The first one month has been very satisfactory.

It took several hours to install the software. But once done it has been smooth sailing.

What I really like is the “touch” as mainstream interface, remarkably good graphics and “push mail” through another paid service “MobileMe”.

I am able to keep my contacts 7 appointments syncronized with Web Interface of MobileMe, my iPhone, MS Outlook on PC and iMac Laptop; change anywhere, things reflected at ALL places (automatically – over the air from iPhone, over the Net for PC, iMac and MobileMe Web.

I did face problems, 3,4 times; the phone “stalls” and comes back after “boot”; twice the entire contacts “disappeared” but within an hour got “synch” ed. Outlook client still has problem in synchronizing “past events”. The mail client is smart; in fact the WebMail client of MobileMe is dumb!

Just last week a new software was announced (including iTunes 8); every such “update” takes hours of your time, thanks to “narrow band” of our broadband lines!

The new software has search feature for contacts; something I need badly!

I did install half a dozen applications; the ones I really like iWiki (wikipedia for iPhone), BigClock (serves me when I give talks), MiGhtyDocs (copies my Google Docs on to iPhone) and HurryMail (sort of Speed-dialing for sending e-mail to those whom you mail frequently)

Overall a very satisfactory experience; one is not sure of the “bang for the buck”; lot of value but tons of bucks too!