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Apple event on September 9, 2015 – the most important take away

September 12, 2015

On September 9, 2015 Apple held its special event. Many product announcements were made, the notable being, iPad Pro and newer versions of iPhone 6S (and 6 Plus S), and Apple TV. But to me the most important one is the fact that the very first Demo in the event was made by Microsoft, showing off its MS Office made for iPad Pro; it was followed by Adobe Demo.

Microsoft and Adobe had their finest software products running on Apple hardware for ages. In between things were different; iPhone being a huge success while Microsoft Mobile being a huge failure and Adobe Flash getting bad mouthing by Apple rather publicly.

With Microsoft and Adobe embracing Apple hardware in the open, the users are much better off.

For the past one year the best experience I have is the e-mail reading experience; Gmail from Google on iPhone from Apple using Microsoft Outlook (Accompli).

What users finally want is such brilliant combinations; hopefully we are getting there!


HP acquires Palm

April 28, 2010

On April 28, 2010 HP agreed to acquire Palm Inc for $ 1.2 Billion

Palm is an amazing company; created Palm Pilot that brought “hand-writing” to computers in 1996 (where Apple failed in 1992 with its Apple Newton!)

Palm OS had an amazing simplicity and created “PDA” as a new class of gadgets; they were the best for keeping track of Calendar and Contacts; and a real value for money. They kept innovating by adding communication to PDA’s thru Palm Treo devices (much before the word Smartphone was invented!). Of course, they struggled – acquisition by US Robotics, hardware and software separation, getting sold to a Japanese company and finally revival with a ray of hope with ex Apple iPod designer getting back as CEO; within months an amazing product came out (Palm Centro). Of course with a great vision Palm brought out Palm Pre and WebOS 2 years back, but could not convince the US carriers (I wish they had flooded Asian and European markets where  “free” phones dominate (not tied to a career)! US is the country where practically no one enjoys “free” phone; the Telcos control the market in USA; even Apple could not fight AT&T!) But the struggle of the past 2 years has almost finished Palm much to the disappointment of many of us (long time Palm admirers). I have used practically every model of Palm!

HP‘s foray into “handheld computers” is not new – it is at least 15 years old! I have a nice  PDA running Windows 3.0 of 1996 vintage! They followed it up with Jornada. With Compaq acquisition Jornada got killed and iPaq became HP’s key PDA. For a while, HP talked of manufacturing Apple iPad though it never happened. With Palm acquisition HP has a good chance of making it

Mobile phones are the future; Motorola created mobile phone but it is always in “fits and starts” in the market; Nokia created the market, but unable to master “smart phones”. Apple created “Smart phone”, but cannot get even 3 models in 3 years (unlike Nokia, Samsung or even Motorola with dozens of models). Microsoft Phone appears promising but they might go the Zune way (into nowhere). It would be really interesting if HP can pump money into Palm (they badly need it), get WebOS products out, manufacture & distribute (HP is really good at it) and “mobilize” all applications (the way BlackBerry mobilized one application called “EMail”)

I wish the marriage great progeny (of products!)

It will be interestuing to watch

Microsoft Imagine Cup India Award Ceremony

May 9, 2008

It was an interesting day at NIMHANS Convention Center watching the teams giving presentations on their work. The subject was “sustainability”; of course, most of the teams had used “computing” as a tool (probably influenced by the sponsor being Microsoft).

Three teams wee selected from India; after training at IIMA for a while one team is to be selected to represent India in Imagine Cup 2008 Final in France.

Novices@Work that uses Sensor Network to monitor agriculture from Vivekananda Educational Society, Mumbai won the First Prize RS 40K)
SKAN that deals with power management tools to switch off PCs across corporate network from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Mumbai won the Second Prize Rs 20K)
Green Waves from Delhi University Computer Science won the Third Prize Rs 10K)

Microsoft Chairman Ravi Venkatesan gave away the prizes.

Lead India winner RK Mishra gave an inspiring speech; his key message “solving India’s problem using whatever tools is cool; Internet alone is not cool, though most students are from IT”

Kiran Karnik former NASSCOM President in his keynote address talked of the “envious” opportunities enjoyed by Indian students today; he talked of three differences in the environment (compared to his days) that makes Innovation accelerate in India today;

ability to innovate without the need for expensive equipment (thanks to widely available computers);
power of software to abstract complex problems;
power of Internet that allows any one to fine collaborators everywhere

There was an interesting panel discussion moderated by Rajdeep of NASSCOM with IIMA Director Barua, myself, Gopi from GE and Paul from Microsoft.

All in all it was a nice learning experience

Success is not always smooth

April 15, 2008

In my address to the senior management of iGateheld at Eagleton Golf Resort in Mysore Road on April 14, 2008 (on the invitation of Mr. Phaneesh Murthy, Founder & CEO), I had stressed the fact that the best one can do to excel is to listen to one’s “inner voice”, go against the current if needed and “hold on” to the conviction against all odds.


I alluded to the success of iGate itself; it has grown dramatically to 6,000+ professionals within 5 years;

 I also illustrated some interesting stories from

Air Deccan (bypass travel agents, analyze profitability of every flight segment every day)

Google (go against the suggestion to use DBMS)

Microsoft (develop tools and developer network)

Oracle (faith in “Relational” model)

SAP (believe that enterprises can be modeled)


IIIT-B (equip every student with a laptop and go for Wi-Fi in 1999!)

to drive home the point.

It was an enjoyable interactive event/