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iPhone 4S in India – First impressions

November 25, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 S got launched today (November 25, 2011) in India.

I could get my iPhone 4 S 32 GB (White) around 2:50 PM thanks to Murugan. Mr. Reddy, the Airtel dealer, was kind enough to deliver it in my office and offered to help me with installation. I politely told him that I may not need any help after all!

It is the first time a new product from Apple is launched after iCloud. I thought it should be a breeze to get my phone up & running in minutes, without even having to connect to my iMac. I was proved right!

I inserted my iPhone 4 Airtel micro SIM card and turned on my brand new iPhone 4 S; took the option of restoring from iCloud my iPhone 4 data. Thanks to IIITB high speed Internet over W-Fi, in less than 20 minutes everything was working. All I had to do was to give my Apple ID; even the SMS that I got a few minutes back on my iPhone 4 was there, all my contacts & calendar, my Apps, even my screen-saver! I did not have to configure anything, even my GMail ID; things were restored perfectly from iCloud. That indeed is Steve Jobs magic

I took a picture of Ganesha (sort of “Sri Ganesh”); the quality of the camera is superb! Thanks to PhotoStream (part of iCloud) the Ganesha picture instantly showed up on my iPad, something that was “magical” for Murugan & Ramachandra.

I started Siri and spoke into the iPhone “Schedule a meeting at 3 PM tomorrow” and it worked! Siri on iPhone 4 S came back with all the events scheduled around 3 PM tomorrow! It is not just voice recognition of what I said; it had the context to invoke Calendar App and display the 3 PM appointments of tomorrow!

Of course, Siri does NOT support places in India still; so place related search would not work.

In a nutshell, it is a great experience to get started with iPhone 4 S.

I am one of those lucky guys who get to use the gadgets practically on the Day 1 of their launch. This includes Apple iPod (several versions), iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 (May 31, 2011) and today iPhone 4 S (today); I had to wait for iPhone launch in India (the delay between US launch and India launch has progressively come down from 2 years to just 6 weeks!); thanks to my former students in USA, I could get my iPad and iPad 2 on the day of US launch (iPad unlike iPhone is not tied to a carrier). Thanks to my friends Sanjay & Dharmendra of GAVS i could get to use Ericsson, Nokia Communicator (several versions), Sony Ericsson  stylus phone as well as Nokia E 61 (the first version and several variants) thanks to Gopal Srinivasan of TVS.