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Ramanujan Rediscovered International Conference on Math & IT

June 1, 2009

As Head of IIIT-B I had to speak at the Conference

Ramanujan Rediscovered

Elliptic Functions, Q-series, Partitions and Related Number Theory, with parallel sessions on Mathematics and IT

A Tribute to Prof K. Venkatachaliengar’s life and work

It was nice to see Prof Bruce Berndt of Univ.. of Illinois; an outstanding mathematician. Prof Berndt has published 7 books on Ramanujan (Five on Ramanujan’s Notes and two on Ramanujan Lost Notes), Prof AK Agarwal, President of the Indian Mathematics Society  and several distinguished mathematicians attending the conference. The partial list includes

  1. Prof Bruce Berndt, University of Illinois, US
  2. Prof Krishnaswami Alladi, University of Florida, US
  3. Prof Satya Deo, Harish Chandra Institute, India
  4. Prof Shaun Cooper, Massey University, New Zealand
  5. Prof Mike Hirschhorn, University of New South Wales, Australia
  6. S. Bhargava, Mysore University, India
  7. Ashok Kumar Agarwal, Panjab University, India
  8. R. Balasubramanian, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India
  9. K. Ramachandra, National Institute of Advanced Studies, India
  10. N. D. Baruah, Tezpur University, India
  11. Frank Garvan, University of Florida, US
  12. Tim Huber, Iowa State University, US
  13. Song Heng Chan, Nanyang Technological University,
  14. Pee Choon Toh, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  15. Zhi-Guo Liu, East China Normal University, China
  16. Hamza Yesilyurt, Bilkent University, Turkey
  17. Michael Schlosser, Universität Wien, Austria
  18. Ae Ja Yee, Pennsylvania State University, US
  19. K. Srinivasa Rao, Mathematics Museum, PSTC, Kotturpuram, India

There were several contributed papers.

In a parallel track “Math &IT” there were several talks / Tutorials. Prominent speakers included

  1. Prof. Ravichandran, IIM Indore
  2. Prof. Y. Narahari, IISc
  3. Prof. Vijay Chandru – IISc and Strand Genomics
  4. Dr. M Sakthi Balan – Infosys
  5. Prof. Veni Madhavan IISc
  6. Prof. Ramanujan – CDAC
  7. Prof. Raghavan IISc
  8. Prof. Srinath IIIT-B
  9. Dr. Ravi Gorthi, Infosys

It is an exciting are; it is time IT professionals take a serious look at Mathematics.

Mr K Dinesh, Co-Founder Infosys, Mr Srikantan Moorthy, Head, Education & Research too spoke on Day 1

All in all it is an enjoyable experience; one hopes to make it an annual conference organized by IIIT-B

(IIIT-B along with Indian Mathematics Society (and funding from Infosys, DST, Microsoft & Indo-US S&T Forum organized this 5-Day Conference at Infosys Campus)

NEN Start-up Day Zero at IIIT-B

June 20, 2008

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) had the first edition of their innovative idea “Start-up Day) at IIIT-B on June 19, 2008.

The concept is interesting; with start-ups getting to speed, there is a need to get the best students look up this option seriously. The Placement officers in the Institute are forced to give Day 1 slot to the companies to the companies that would offer the largest number of jobs (IT service companies) or highest salary (product companies, MNCs); start-up can match neither of them. Getting on the last date of placements does not help the start-ups. By keeping a day exclusively for start-ups that too on Day Zero (before the placement process starts) we expect to give the best option for both the students and the recruiters. There are also other innovations; “speed dating” so that the companies need not go through long presentations, written tests, interviews..

An interesting experiment, that is likely to go to other places also soon.

It was great listening to the founders / CEO’s of start-ups

RedBus, Mango Technologies, Mobisys, OutDo, Readiminds, Yos Technologies, Tyfone, 8KMiles

Sanjay Anandram, CEO of JumpStart mentioned some interesting ideas through pithy statements; those I liked include

  1. Do you want to be the 72,942rd employee or the third or 20th employee?
  2. Journey is the award
  3. Do you want to climb Everest or want to watch others climbing Everest in National Geographic TV?
  4. The five things VC’s look for in a start-up during evaluation “Team, market size, growth, USP and business models”
  5. Cost arbitrage, Labor arbitrage, Unique to India, Served out of India for the world – the four models available today for start-ups

Symbian co-founder David Wood in IIIT-B

May 15, 2008

Mr. David Wood, Executive Vice President and Head of Research at Symbian gave a talk on“Future of smart phones’ at IIIT-B today.


The exciting talk was interesting in more ways than one. Mr. Wood is truly the father of smart phone; he has been heading research and technology at Symbian for 10 years. Symbian completes the 10th year exactly on May 15, 2008 and Bangalore is lucky to have David Wood kicking off the tenth anniversary celebrations for Symbian right from this city.


Mr. Wood talked of

Pre 2000 phase that was “voice / text dominated”

2000 – 2005 as the phase of “feature phones”, and,

post 2005 as the era of “smart phones”.

Mr. Wood can be justly proud that 300 million phones in the world are powered by Symbian today. Symbian has majority share (around 70%) of the smart phone market globally.


A true visionary, Mr. Wood is not happy with the dominant market share of smart phones; his eyes are set on growing the smart phone market itself – from mere 10-20% today to nearly 70-80% by 2012; of course, Mr. Wood would like to have market share of 70% in the new scenario as well! He expects more than one billion annual smart phone sales in 2012 (from the current 100+ million)


He talked of moving from “R & D” (Research and Development) to “C & D” (Connect and Develop) and plans to use universities in a big way in their plans to accelerate innovative research.


Mr. Wood also announced an “Essay Competition” for college students across the globe.


IIIT-B is honored to have had such a legendary person  give a talk in the Institute.