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Trends in Enterprise Applications

January 12, 2012

The three dominant trends I see in Enterprise Applications include


1 Commoditization – Earlier it was merely commoditization of the processor (Intel x86)  and OS (MS Windows). Now even applications are getting commoditized; storage too is getting commoditized. In CES 2012 some one showcased 1 terabyte Pen drive! Infrastructure (Cloud) will get commoditized too

2 Consumerization – The widespread use of iPad is an interesting trend. The enterprise users too are consumers and they would want “cool” applications the way the end users want. In my opinion 20-25% of enterprise applications will be delivered thru Apps. It has deep implications for the software industry. Enterprises will start running “enterprise App stores” that will deliver these Apps

3 Cloudification – More and more applications will be “routinely” moved to the cloud. I am not limiting to public cloud; it could be private cloud or hybrid could too.

All these have implications for the two leaders in IT, namely, IBM & HP. In part each one of these trends will benefit HP!


(Remarks made as part of the Keynote Address at HP Network University 2012 at IIITB on January 12, 2012)