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Wireless in India

September 27, 2008

My views are just simple

Wireless has a great future; in fact it is “made for India” (with 38 million landline subscribers over 125 uears and 100 million over 1 year, it is clear). As my student puts it, “WWW” for India is “Wireless Will Win”

Wireless is for “aam admi” (common man)’ often we think people without college degrees are tech-averse. It is far from true. Recently I was surprised; some senior telecom executives could not demonstrate the installation of “ring tones”, but richshaw drivers could demonstrate with ease!

The real contribution of Apple iPhone and Google Android G1 would be the speed at which 3G roll-out will happen in the world. We need to prepare ourselves for that.

Finally, we need to get the “3G spectrum” mess sorted out; it cannot be left to the whims & fancies of IT Minister and the greed of Finance ministry. It is a technical decision. Let not Finance ministry look at “earning” from spectrum; let 3G roll-out be real fast and widespread; several Indians can “learn” and “earn” using the infrastructure; let government get the tax from the “earned income” of the citizens and not “short-circuit” it on the way

(Panel discussion on “Wireless Future” in the CLIK (Consortium of Electronic Industries) Conference, Ashok Hotel Bangalore on Sep 26, 2008)