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Phatak gets “Water Prize”

August 17, 2009

Dr Bindeshwar Phatak famous for his “Sulabh Movement” and “Sulabh Souchalay” was named the winner of Stockholm Water Prize for the year 2009. The announcement was made today (aug 17, 2009)

Hailing from Patna, Dr Phatak demonstrates the fact that one can innovate even in unusual places like “dirty toilets”

The water efficient Sulabh toilets numbering more than 1.2 million across India truly changed rural sanitation; His 7,500 strong “pay and use” toilets serve nearly 10 million users every year; by using just 1.5 liters in place of 10 liters of water for every flush, Dr Phathak’s toilets save a lot of water too