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Class A Office space in Bangalore likely to exceed Singapore

January 2, 2011

As per media reports quoting CR Richard Ellis, the global real estate leader, Shanghai with 95 million square feet and Bangalore with 85 million square feet of Grade A office space have crossed Singapore with 76 million square feet of space. With Mumbai at 47 million, Delhi (NCR) at 45 million India is doing a good catch up in services (a good indicator being Class A office space)

If the estimates are correct Indian industry can justly be proud of Singapore having had a huge lead for decades

Nobel Laureate Venky Ramakrishnan talks at IISc

January 7, 2010

On Jan 5, 2010 Dr Venky Ramakrishnan gave a talk on “The journey from Baroda to Cambridge” – a sort of autobiographical (though nothing personal but mostly professional) talk – to a packed audience at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, the “Science City”

It is interesting to see he transiting from Medicine to Physics and to Biology; shifting from R & D Lab to University; fro USA to UK by very careful “choice”

His Q & A was remarkably candid and an eye opener for many speakers

BSPIN – Software Process Improvement Network – gets a new “makeover”

February 1, 2009

BSPIN has been very active for 17 years now; it has grown  at Chennai, Bombay, Delhi and other placestoo (though the units are independent)

Of the many professional societies, BSPIN has shown consistency AND energy (not common with others, who have either of them NOT both); by avoiding lobbying and high pitch marketing they stayed focused; BSPIN facilitated good industry & academia interaction; had been inclusive (big & small, Indian & MNC companies, for example); focused on measurements, had knowledge-sharing as the goal; in short, BSPIN has contributed to the “quality” movement in the Indian software industry.

With a new branding, logo and a web-site (launched on January 31, 2009), BSPIN is off to a great start.

I wish BSPIN a great future where the focus moves beyond quality to innovation; BSPIN should even look at “going global” with publications and events so as to help many other countries wanting to benefit from the “software opportunity”. May be, they can talk to CMU’s SEI and look at “beyond CMM”. BSPIN should aim to be a leader with all humility.

In short,

  • BSPIN had a splendid past,
  • momentous present, and,
  • an exciting future.

I am fortunate to be associated with BSPIN all through the years


(Keynote address given on January 31, 2009)

SaaS waiting to happen (IET Int’l SaaS Conference in Bangalore Oct 14-15, 20008

October 16, 2008

SaaS has been around for long though in different forms.

SABRE airline reservation system that I used in my first international flight (Madras London Chicago) as early as early 70’s
SWIFT inter-bank electronic payment systems

actually delivered software solution as a dedicated service to select “agents”.

HotMail (the first web-based mail) and several web-based mail service including GMail, Yahoo Mail, Rediff or FastMail were the next instances of software delivered as service was the “iconic” SaaS offering in the past 10 years
iTunes & iPhone too made SaaS “notion” familiar to the end users
not all such “software delivery” was “architected” as SaaS applications.

SoA (Service oriented architecture) has been maturing over the years and many successful applications are getting re-architected for SaaS.

There is a “philosophy” of SaaS, there is a “business model of SaaS” (pay as you use) and the “technology” of SaaS; what this conference does is to take a balanced view of all the three aspects.

Iconic Indian companies
TCS, Ramco, Persistent, ABS, Mastek, Mindtree, Sarena and IBS

as well as MNC’s
SAP, Microsoft and Jamcracker including

are presenting their work in this conference; some of them have stalls too. They represent software vendors, ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors), System Integrators (SI) and technology vendors. Of course the focus goes beyond technology to security issues as well.

With Dr FC Kohli, Former Chairman of India’s largest & oldest software services company TCS and the Mr PRV Raja, Founder & CEO of Ramco Systems – India’s best known software product company that is now re-engineering their product into SaaS offering – giving Keynote addresses, the Conference brings some of the best minds together. We should than IET team that has come all the way from London to organize this Conference in Bangalore.

(Introductory remarks as the Event General Chair for the IET International Conference on SaaS held at Grand Ashok Hotel, Bangalore during Oct 14-15, 2008)

Lord Balaji comes to Bangalore

June 23, 2008

Reviving a 600+ year old tradition, the authorities of the famous Balaji temple in Tirupati Tirumala, namely TTD, had arranged for a Kalyanotsavam of the divine couple in the Palace Grounds on June 22, 2008 (Sunday). It was an exciting event. The pandal was large enough to hold as many as 3,00,000 people. All the devotees had free darsan. The lighting arrangement was superb; they had very large (up to 10 feet) screens for those sitting far away. The audio was excellent. They had re-created Tirumala temple in many aspects. The flower arrangement was fantastic. Prior to the Kalynotasavam starting at 6:10 PM, there was excellent music; Mandolin from Srinivas and Annamacharya kirtanas by one of the famous artiste, with a gifted voice. The temple priests did a great job; the devotion, festivity and the spirit of positive energy was palpable. The crowd was managed well, through a system of volunteers (though the VIP crowd gave them a tough time). The authorities brought 1,75,000 laddus all the way from Tirumala; distributed it along with food and water in 75 counters!

In all it was a great effort; hopefully the Lord will bring some relief to the battered government headed by Mr. Yeddyurappa, Hon’ble Chief Minister (who was present with his colleagues) and good progress for Karnataka in general and Bangalore in particular. His Excellency Mr. Rameshwar Thakur the Governor was present throughout. Only divine intervention can help the sagging spirit of Karnataka and Bangalore, bruised for long by people who let the slide continue for 40 months.

Bangalore is global No 2 Tech Spot

June 5, 2008

As per the latest global tech spot list of, Bangalore is only next to Silicon Valley. lists the top 20 global hot spots

  1.  Silicon Valley
  2.  Bangalore
  3.  London
  4.  Tokyo
  5.  Boston
  6.  Cambridge
  7.  Shanghai
  8.  Tel Aviv
  9.  Seoul
  10.  Beijing
  11.  Chennai
  12.  Pune
  13.  Singapore
  14.  Helsinki
  15.  Moscow
  16.  Hong Kong
  17.  Hyderabad
  18.  New York
  19.  Sydney
  20.  Shenzhen

India & China have 4 each; US has 3 and UK has 2; while Australia, Finland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Russia and Singapore have 1 each.

Interestingly America has 3, Europe has 4, Middle East has 1, Australia has 1 while Asia has 11!


Bangalore votes with EVM made by BEL in Bangalore

May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008
Today I went to the polling booth near my house. With so much pessimism around, I went with minimal expectation. I may NOT be able to vote; my name may NOT be there; some one would have voted for me (none of them are uncommon in India with 1.2 billion people with 800 million eligible voters)

To my surprise, I found an agent giving me and my wife a “slip” (a small piece of paper) with Roll No 1441 & 1442 and Polling Station number 53. I did find one room wit the caption “53”; stood in the Q for 20 minutes; I was asked to go to the next room 52A (that was empty). There were 4 officials; one had a list with an entry that tallied with my name; he read it out; the next official asked me to sign; verified my signature with the signature on the Voter ID card; he gave me a sheet that I handed over to the next official; he applied the indelible mark on my left fore-finger and led me to the 4th official; she “unlocked” the polling station; I moved up to the station that was “covered” for privacy; I pressed the button corresponding to my choice (the name and party symbol was clearly visible); the 4th official heard a “beep” sound on her station and told me “over”. I had cast my vote! It took a comfortable 25 minutes but the process was fairly pleasant

Being on the Board of BEL (Bharat Electronics Ltd) that manufactures, supplies, maintains and operates EVMs (about 650,000 of them in use all over India) I felt very happy that India is using “electronic” voting very well in spite of million constraints on infrastructure front

Bangalore has voted; hopefully for a Government that cares for people, delivers results and goes beyond “fighting amongst themselves”