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Apple event on September 9, 2015 – the most important take away

September 12, 2015

On September 9, 2015 Apple held its special event. Many product announcements were made, the notable being, iPad Pro and newer versions of iPhone 6S (and 6 Plus S), and Apple TV. But to me the most important one is the fact that the very first Demo in the event was made by Microsoft, showing off its MS Office made for iPad Pro; it was followed by Adobe Demo.

Microsoft and Adobe had their finest software products running on Apple hardware for ages. In between things were different; iPhone being a huge success while Microsoft Mobile being a huge failure and Adobe Flash getting bad mouthing by Apple rather publicly.

With Microsoft and Adobe embracing Apple hardware in the open, the users are much better off.

For the past one year the best experience I have is the e-mail reading experience; Gmail from Google on iPhone from Apple using Microsoft Outlook (Accompli).

What users finally want is such brilliant combinations; hopefully we are getting there!


iPhone 4S in India – First impressions

November 25, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 S got launched today (November 25, 2011) in India.

I could get my iPhone 4 S 32 GB (White) around 2:50 PM thanks to Murugan. Mr. Reddy, the Airtel dealer, was kind enough to deliver it in my office and offered to help me with installation. I politely told him that I may not need any help after all!

It is the first time a new product from Apple is launched after iCloud. I thought it should be a breeze to get my phone up & running in minutes, without even having to connect to my iMac. I was proved right!

I inserted my iPhone 4 Airtel micro SIM card and turned on my brand new iPhone 4 S; took the option of restoring from iCloud my iPhone 4 data. Thanks to IIITB high speed Internet over W-Fi, in less than 20 minutes everything was working. All I had to do was to give my Apple ID; even the SMS that I got a few minutes back on my iPhone 4 was there, all my contacts & calendar, my Apps, even my screen-saver! I did not have to configure anything, even my GMail ID; things were restored perfectly from iCloud. That indeed is Steve Jobs magic

I took a picture of Ganesha (sort of “Sri Ganesh”); the quality of the camera is superb! Thanks to PhotoStream (part of iCloud) the Ganesha picture instantly showed up on my iPad, something that was “magical” for Murugan & Ramachandra.

I started Siri and spoke into the iPhone “Schedule a meeting at 3 PM tomorrow” and it worked! Siri on iPhone 4 S came back with all the events scheduled around 3 PM tomorrow! It is not just voice recognition of what I said; it had the context to invoke Calendar App and display the 3 PM appointments of tomorrow!

Of course, Siri does NOT support places in India still; so place related search would not work.

In a nutshell, it is a great experience to get started with iPhone 4 S.

I am one of those lucky guys who get to use the gadgets practically on the Day 1 of their launch. This includes Apple iPod (several versions), iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 (May 31, 2011) and today iPhone 4 S (today); I had to wait for iPhone launch in India (the delay between US launch and India launch has progressively come down from 2 years to just 6 weeks!); thanks to my former students in USA, I could get my iPad and iPad 2 on the day of US launch (iPad unlike iPhone is not tied to a carrier). Thanks to my friends Sanjay & Dharmendra of GAVS i could get to use Ericsson, Nokia Communicator (several versions), Sony Ericsson  stylus phone as well as Nokia E 61 (the first version and several variants) thanks to Gopal Srinivasan of TVS.

A lot can happen a week in Tech industry Apple, Google, HP & Wipro

January 23, 2011

Just a day prior to quarterly results announcement  (January 18, 2011) Apple (the company with the highest market capitalization among all technology companies) announced that its legendary CEO Steve Jobs is going on medical leave again for an unspecified time

Days later Google (the biggest search engine in the world) announced that its CEO Eric Schmidt is moving to a Chairman’s position with Larry Page taking over as CEO

Two days later HP (the largest technology company globally) announces that four of its Board members are leaving and inducted new members including two women

A day later Wipro (the third largest Indian IT company) announced that its two Co-CEOsystem is not working and replaced the two co-CEOs Girish Paranjpe & Suresh Vaswani with the 20+ year veteran Kurien as CEO from April 1, 2011

Unusual coincidence, but a clear indication of the “tough life” at the top in “technology companies” these days!

Apple announces great results for July September quarter

October 21, 2009

Apple announced the results for its third quarter (July September 2009), with sales of $ 9.87 billion and profit of $ 1.67 billion, the largest ever profit.

It is amazing that Apple managed to sell 3.1 million iMac computers, 7.2 million iPhones and 10.4 million iPods; with holiday season around the corner Apple can only do better in the next quarter; in the process Apple revenue might touch $ 40 billion for the year 2009. Achieving such growth in one of the worst recession it indeed remarkable

Apple iPhone 3GS arrives

June 8, 2009

Today (June 8, 2009) Apple in its developer conference WWDC 2009 launched the faster version of iPhone, 3GS said to surf the Net at double the speed and also some cool features such as ability to watch ECG signals of patients! Apple also launched a cheaper version of iPhone for $ 99 (mail in rebate plus 2 year sign up with AT&T) iPhone software Ver 3.0 with cut/paste, improved search, improved GPS features was also launched.

Smart phones are entering mainstream; will Palm have any chance?

Apple results bring some cheers for IT industry

April 22, 2009

With IBM talking of 11% reduction in top line, Intel and Nokia talking of 70+ reduction in quarterly profits there was general gloom in the industry. Indian IT services majors Infosys, Wipro, TCS have posted very modest growth and their guidance is very mooted. Against such background it is nice to see Apple talking of increase in top line from 7.51 billion to $ 8.16 billion and bottom line increasing from $1.05 to $ 1.21 billion for the JFM 2009 quarter.

Apple sold 2.22 million iMac computers, 11.01 million iPods and 3.79 million iPhones in the quarter. Interestingly, Apple is as much a phone company, entertainment electronics company and a computer company!

Apple quarterly revenue crosses $ 10 billion!

January 23, 2009

Apple announced the results for the 4th quarter on January 21, 2009; it did bring the much-needed cheer to the markets.

IBM, HP are the other two companies who cheered the market with good results (with so much of bad news from GE, Intel, SONY, Sun and many others).

Apple results were spectacular; quarterly sales of $ 10.7 billion and profit of $ 1.6 billion arising out of sales of

  1. 22,727,000 iPods,
  2. 4,363,000 iPhones, and,
  3. 2,524,000 Macs

coming as it does amidst market melt-down it is definitely special. It is also the first time that Apple quarterly sales exceeded $ 10 billion ever.

For decades (until early 80’s) IBM was the only company with annual sales exceeding $ 10 billion; every one else used to trail way behind IBM, till DEC (now part of HP) crossed $ 10 billion; in the past two decades Compaq, Dell grew fast enough to cross annual sales of $ 40 billion. In the meantime IBM and HP grew to $ 100+ billion companies thanks to the booming IT.

Apple had been an admired company but relatively small in size. By their presence (that too in a leading way) across

  • computing (Macs),
  • communications (iPhone), and,
  • consumer electronics (iPod)

Apple is benefiting from the convergence of these three key industries. No other leader has been able to benefit from all these three.

HP & IBM are great computer companies but they have no presence in consumer electronics; Sony is a tall leader in consumer electronics but struggles in communications and computer markets; Nokia is a leader in communications, but has little presence in computing or consumer electronics; Samsung is another company to watch.

One hopes that one day an Indian company gets inspired by Apple

First impressions of Apple iPhone 3 G

August 23, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G was launched in India (and several other countries) on August 22, 2008 (USA launch was on July 11, 2008)

Service providers Airtel and Vodafone launched iPhone 3G in India. The original iPhone was mainly sold in USA; Germany, France, UK had a small market for iPhone; with 3G Apple is taking it globally.

USA, though as a country is known for “freedom” on many counts, does NOT enjoy “free” mobile phone handset; most phones are “locked” and sold by the mobile service providers. We in India are so used to “free” phones; walk into any shop, pick up the phone, put your SIM card and keep talking! Apple could “force” AT&T users to “sign up” for expensive “plans” for 2 years and indirectly “subsidize” the “upfront cost”; so Apple “mantra” was “$ 199 iPhone 3G”. Also, 3G services (at least HSDPA) are in place in parts of USA; offering much higher speed than GPRS. Apple coined a nice marketing buzz “double speed at half cost” (compared to original iPhone). Unfortunately, not familiar with US markets, many Indian users were expecting Rs 10,000 price ($199) and had a rude shock of iPhone 3G priced at Rs 31,000! (the box had MRP printed Rs 31,000!). I paid that amount; though I understand Vodafone stores sold for Rs 29,560! Also, India is “talking” about 3G licenses now! So “high speed” is at least several months away. So the “reality” in India is “same speed as Apple iPhone at 3 times the cost!” (for many users of “hacked iPhone”)

I picked up a phone at 1 PM on August 22, 2008 (more for experimentation) on the very first day of launch (August 22, 2008). Airtel stores had enough stock (nothing like record sales and long queues that USA saw on July 11, 2008). The sales guys had just “seen” the phone; had no clue about it! Since I had used a “hacked phone” for 4 months, all it needed was the Airtel SIM card and declaration that Airtel is service provider (that is all that the sales guy did; I could have done it myself)

iPhone 3G is marginally better; GPS works; search is available on “contacts”; you still cannot “forward” SMS; no “delivery report” either.

I went for a “legal” phone (and retire my “hacked iPhone”) so that I could use ALL features; I had to download iTunes (latest version) – about 100 MB; the phone software had to be downloaded (284 MB) – so it took all my afternoon. I could get the iPod at full functionality (“hacked phones had problems if synchronized with latest iTunes); voice quality is better. Airtel could have given some service (installing software); most users will have a tough time loading 384 MB!

I subscribed for $ 99 / year MobileMe; I had used .Mac ($ 99 / year) earlier; it offers Mail, Diskspace, Backup, web site – all neatly integrated though at a high price. MobileMe (unlike .Mac) synchoronizes with Web (MobileMe Web-mail), iPhone, Microsoft Outlook (on PC) and Mac. That is the best service I find. Change Calendar, Contacts, Mail in any of the four places; all the remaining 3 devices get synchronized effotlessly. That is nothing extra-ordinary technically; except no one offered it! Airtel offered “over the air” contacts synchronization at cost; many individual service providers offered these services free but mostly just one of them. That is what I liked in MobileMe and iPhone

Apple has embraced “enterprise”; it lists FIRST Microsoft Exchange and then MobileMe! Clear acknowledgement of the dominance of Microsoft Exchange. MobileMe allows use across iPhone, Mac, MobileMe AND PC! A clear move away from “condescending approach to Microsoft & PC world”

At Rs 31,000 one expected “some service” from Airtel; they were just “vending iPhone 3G” – the way vegetable vendors “vend” HP Printer cartridges in Jayanagar 4th block market!

In the last 30 hours I had spent 15 hours getting iPhone 3G ready, and used it for 6 hours; so far so good.

Apple launches iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 software

June 10, 2008

The January 9, 2008 launch of Apple iPhone 3G is a turning point in the mobile handset evolution. With 3G speeds (at least double of EDGE), added ffeatures (GPS, Search), SDK (Software Development Kit), affordable price ($ 199 for 8GB model), reach (70 countries including India) and “AppStore” for third party applications, iPhone will “democratize” smart phones and elevate iPhone into a platform that will generate a huge eco-system for the converged (computing, communication, entertainment and gaming) market the way IBM PC did in 80’s for “computing”.


Though Apple iPhone sale of 6 million is insignificant compared to Nokia’s 400+ million, iPhone may be able to bring a level of focus to the fragmented market today that has vendor specific interface, operating system and services (often proprietary) forcing third party application developers to work with every major vendor (Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson’s) separately.

iPhone will also push 3G into mainstream, particularly in USA and India; WiMax might suffer in the process

The next few years will be interesting to watch the shape mobile handsets take