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Emerging applications for the connected enterprise

January 13, 2012

One key trend I anticipate in the next couple of years is the widespread use of “analytics

There was a time when users collected data for 75% of the time and did analysis 25% of the time. Today, with so much data available, data need not be collected; it is there! It is waiting to be analyzed

But analytics must be “everyday analytics”; users must have time to look at the results of analytics, seek results and not be busy with “archiving” data all the time! Often I get a response from CIO’s that we “faithfully archive data”; as the old saying goes “a car is safe in the garage, but it is not made to be kept in the garage alone”. Similarly, while archiving data is important, analyzing data is far more important!

For example, Airtel provides analytics for EVERY Postpaid users; not many use it though. Please log into your account and look at the “everyday analytics” that can be very insightful! Evert industry – BFSI, Manufacturing, Services, Education & Healthcare should start demanding “everyday analytics”


(Part of my talk in HP Network University 2012 at IIITB on Jan 13, 2012)