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Berkeley Professor Eric Brewer is ACM Infosys Foundation 2009 Award winner

March 15, 2010

ACM announced  today (March 15, 2010) ACM Infosys Foundation Award (next only to Turing Award, considered the Nobel Prize in Computing) for the year 2009 and named Professor Eric Brewer as the award winner.

Professor Brewer is best known as the Founder of Inktomi search engine (acquired by Yahoo); his academic contributions include the CAP Theorem concept, and “Wireless Hypothesis”

What I like most about his work is that he is able to

  • work on cutting edge computer science that too of fundamental nature (CAP Theorem – Consistency, Availability and Partition tolerance incompatibility, like Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem) ,
  • build solid real-world engineering experimental infrastructure (like Network of Workstations (NoW), and,
  • contribute enormously through his societal initiatives (Wireless Hypothesis and his TIER Network that has helped thousands of patients to benefit through Tele-medicine from experts in Aravind Eye Hospital in India)

He visited IIIT-B in the year 2008 on an invitation from Professor Balaji Parthasarathy

Infosys has done India proud through the endowment of this Award that identifies outstanding young (around 40 years of age) computer scientists;

Professor Daphne Koller of Stanford for the year 2007,

Professor Jon Kleinberg of Cornell for the year 2008,  and,

Professor Eric Brewer of UC Berkeley for the year 2009

This was part of the contribution of Infosys towards a larger cause in the Silver Jubilee Year (25th year of Infosys. that was founded in 1982)

This is what Kris said as part of the Press Release

“S. Gopalakrishnan (Kris), CEO and Managing Director, Infosys Technologies said, “We are especially proud to honor Eric Brewer for contributions to computer science research and his demonstration of the use of IT for the benefit of disadvantaged populations in many regions, especially in developing nations.”

ACM Comes to India

January 20, 2010

The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is considered to be the “first society” in Computing. Born in 1947 in USA, ACM represents the largest today of computer professionals next only to its sister society IEEE Computer Society. By formally launching its India office in Bangalore on January 20, 2010, ACM reaches yet another milestone in its 60+ years of growth

1.    ACM is changing

ACM used to be largely US-centric until a few years ago. By opening up on office in China in 2008 and an India office in 2010, ACM is demonstrating its global ambitions.

Incidentally Wendy Hall, the current ACM President is the first ACM President from outside USA; she is also the third woman to be the President of the ACM.

The flagship magazine of ACM, namely, CACM (Communications of the ACM) went through a “re-engineering of sorts” over the year 2006-2007 and got a thorough overhaul in its style, content and focus. CACM is to computer scientists what “Science” is to many scientists today.

ACM is managing to transition well in every one of its attempts.

2.    ACM is influential

Work its 32 transactions, 11 journals and 7 magazines and hundres of annual conferences, ACM represents the major some of scientific literature in Computer Science.

  • ACM’s Turing Award (since 1966) recognizes lasting technical contributions to computer science and is considered as “Computer Science Nobel Prize”
  • Infosys did the country proud by endowing a new prize in 2007; the newly endowed ACM Infosys Foundation Award (since 2008) recognizes young scientists for their fundamental contributions to computing disciplines

These two awards are the highest academic awards for recognizing outstanding research in Computer Science.

Over the past ACM has been successful in influencing public policy as well through meaningful civic society discourse on all aspects of technology that has social impact.

3.    ACM India is inspiring


  • getting four Turing Award winners together in one place,
  • through carefully planned exercise of getting the best of the students and professors form across the country to show-case their research, and,
  • physically assembling 500+ researches on Jan 20, 2010

ACM India launch will be very inspiring too.