NASDAQ “opening ceremony” in San Jose

There is a tradition of inviting distinguished individuals from the corporate sector and the Governments around the world, to formally inaugurate the NASDAQ stock exchange operation of the day by “ringing the bell”. Infosys Chief from India had this distinction earlier; the former IT Secretary (and a Wharton MBA) Vivek Kulkarni got this honor in 2002 when NASDAQ had Karnataka’s picture on the huge wall outside NASDAQ building.

Cisco created history on Aug 10, 2005 by doing the ceremony remotely (of course using Cisco gear) some 4,000 miles away from New York in San Jose! This was to mark the 20th year of Cisco’s operations – an amazing company from the valley. This was the first time such an operation was performed in the 34 years of history.

One hope that NASDAQ “bell ringing” comes to Bangalore to mark the 25 years of Infosys (sometime in 2006) or sooner may be using Nortel gear!

(I am in San Jose visiting Nortel)

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