HP Slate VoiceTab – First impressions

HP was kind enough to get me a new Phablet (Phone cum Tablet) – HP Slate VoiceTab. Unlike Tablets like iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle, the unit has 3G calling, making it a very useful product.

This was announced recently. It is getting launched in India today, and initially for sale in India only. When I opened the box and turned it on, I was very pleased; the phone welcomes you with Suswagatam (Welcome) in Devanagari!

The phablet is really light, though it does in no way appear flimsy. It is a really a large phone (6″ diagonally) with two SIM cards, something that the Indian users are keen. Also the phone opens very easily, for changing the battery and inserting / removing SIM cards, another important need in India. It takes ordinary and micro SIM card. I could connect to Wi-Fi, sign in with Google account and my GMail, Google Calendar and Google contacts were there, real fast. I am yet to install more Apps, but my first impression is really good.

HP is a global leader in consumer PC. I had used generations of HP Personal devices; Windows 3 Tablet in 1998; and,  Jornada  & iPaq Personal Information Manager (PIM) devices from HP in the last decade. Getting into Phablet initially, I do hope HP will start manufacturing both smart phones and Tablets in the near future. HP engineering is legendary; HP has a great service footprint across the length & breadth of the country (thanks to HP printers). If they succeed in this market, they will be hugely successful, which I hope they will be, soon. As a long time HP fan, I want HP to succeed!


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