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Professor CK Prahalad is no more

April 17, 2010

Professor C K Prahalad renowned management guru passed away on April 16, 2010 Friday night in San Diego after a brief illness

Considered by many as one of the foremost management gurus of our times, Professor Prahalad has influenced the broad thinking in the filed of business management through his powerful ideas often articulated extremely well in his series of books

  • Competing for the future,
  • Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid
  • The future of the competition
  • New age of innovation

and his articles in Harvard Business Review such as “The core competence of the corporation” (one of the most downloaded article of HBR)

“Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” is an idea that has changed the way corporations across the world designed products & services. He urged the chief executives of many Fortune 500 companies to look at the emerging markets as the target for designing products instead of designing products for the First World and selling them in the Third World post their economic life. In fact in several policy circles “BoP” (bottom of the pyramid) had become a standard acronym.

We in IIIT-B were fortunate enough to host his center, aptly titled “Center for Global Resource Leverage” in the past five years.

Professor Prahalad had amazing energy even at his age of 65; he used to be the first one to arrive in the IIIT-B campus in 2007 when we conducted a 2-week Research Bootcamp for B  School Professors and had the stamina to teach for hours!

In the recent years he has been able to galvanize positive energy among many senior members of several Indian corporations. His article on “India @ 75” is widely used by CII in several of its conferences. Generations of Indians will continue to draw inspiration from his active & productive life that made a huge difference to India and the world.