Ed Roberts PC pioneer is no more

On April 2, 2010 Ed Roberts who created MITS ALTAIR computer, died t the age of 68

Writing BASIC program for MTS ALTAIR gave the much needed break for Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen; in the process, PC industry was created

A product of Oklahoma State University, Ed Roberts pursued Medicine as his second career (due to a 5 year condition that he will not make another computer when ALTAIR was acquired for a million dollar) and practiced Medicine till recently

Interesting twist; ALTAIR was perhaps the first general purpose inexpensive computer; Ed Roberts must be credited with the invention of PC in a way, though he never got the credit

Bill Gates and Paul Allen visited the ailing Ed Robets recently, a nice gesture for the two uber-rich billionaires

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5 Responses to “Ed Roberts PC pioneer is no more”

  1. Sriram Ramamurthy Says:

    Dear Professor,

    iPad has already set American colleges into thinking about a future paperless, iPad-centric education. I am of the view that this could work out in India too, particularly in IIITB. IIITB was early into exploring eInk technology and we even did an academic, not-so-serious-but-worthy-enough feasibility study for widespread, practical adoption of electronic readers and now the likes of Amazon-Kindle are a success story. Giving this iPad opportunity a serious look could open up vistas for enhancing future students’ infrastructure.

  2. ssemergic Says:

    Will surely do

  3. ssemergic Says:

    How are you Sriram?
    Update me with progress on your front?

  4. Sriram Ramamurthy Says:

    Dear Professor,

    I was concerned about the literal impasse your blog seemed to have reached but it was easy to see why. A little exploring around provided the answer that you must be extremely busy getting ready to co-chair the WWW conference coming up. At this point, I just want to know your thoughts on “Cloud SuperComputing” and whether the thought that there is no Divya Desam in Karnataka has ever crossed you.

    Wishing you a happy new year, 2011


  5. ssemergic Says:

    Thanks Sriram
    Yes WWW2011 consumes all my time
    Interesting observation – no Divya Desam in KA (of course Melkote Abhimanasthalam is there!)
    I never thought of this

    BTW how is your father? Where are you these days? Update me about your side in the past 3 years

    Have a great New Year 2011

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