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Karnataka announces Semiconductor Policy in ISA Vision Summit

February 2, 2010

Both ISA (India Semiconductor Association) and GoK (Government of Karnataka) have done them proud by announcing the first ever “Semiconductor Policy”.

Karnataka has been the leader in IT for two decades. It is time that it is re-claiming its leadership policies through such visionary statements.

One hopes that the policy is foloweed up to its logical end.

With Karnataka also announcing last Friday the country’s first-ever ITIR (IT Investment Region) near Bangalore International Airport (with about 10,000 acres), the State continues to have “early mover advantage” among all the Indian States (IT Policy, IT Department, IT Secretary, IT Minister, IIIT..)

Elevated Highway continues to give “free ride”

February 1, 2010

The much awaited “elevated highway” between Silk Board Junction to Electronic City was formally opened on January 22, 2010.

It was a pleasant ride that took less than 10 minutes to cover the 10 km distance which earlier used to take more than an hour.

We were told that the “toll” will be collected from today (February 1); to my pleasant surprise I got a free ride today also!

One hopes to get the free ride until the day of the budget (Feb 26)!

It may be note that this elevated highway was one of the firsts to be planned in the country (Hyderabad started late and inaugurated earlier; Chennai I understand is building one)