NEN E-Week Finale on February 13, 2010

NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) of Wadhwani Foundation had arranged a week-long “E-week” (Entrepreneurship week) throughout the country.

The finale was at Jyoti Nivas College in Koramangala today.

It is the 5th year of NEN. There were 2,500 students from Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore, Mysore and Bangalore. Their energy levels were so high that one could not resist to comment that “it was sufficient to run the City of Bangalore!”

Laura Parkin the ED of NEN was at her elements; landing from Boston just 24 hours back she was not just awake but full of energy too.

Madan Padaki, Founder & CEO, MeritTrack narrated his experiences very candidly; his interaction with family, VCs, friends, clients and the amazing growth story must have been the right inputs to the budding entrepreneurs.

I spoke about the changed India, the changed world particularly when it came to perceptions on India, entrepreneurship providing an opportunity to change comparable to what Mahatma Gandhi could do to India, the need to get 300 million Indians above poverty line, making a difference to them, the “tough times” of not only Madan Padaki but even giants like Infosys Founders and Google Founders in their early days, the spirit of “do not give up easily”; and, finally, set the goal of one million participants in 2012 compared to 400,000 in 2010!

Mr Mittal from DST narrated the story of an entrepreneur using “deaf & dumb” employees to increase his “home security” business in a residential locality in Delhi. It was just amazing.

With several dances thrown in it was party time too!

An enjoyable evening indeed

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