Converged Infrastructure – HP is ahead with BladeSystem Matrix

The two mantras that I used in this talk are

  1. SSN is one (SSN stands for Servers, Storage & Networks)
  2. You need to optimize globally

Over the years server consolidation, virtualization (Storage, desktop, applications…), layered network architecture, storage using SAN.. have dominated the CIO’s toolbox of facing increasing applications demand and decreasing budget. In the process the optimization has often been local – servers, storage or network. What is needed today is to “globally” optimize across servers, storage and networks – the essence of my “SSN is one” mantra.

Servers need storage; networks needs heavy computing and storage; and, storage needs both networking and computing; the three are intrinsically intertwined.

To optimize across the system you need tools – the real strength of HP today

With its BladeMatrix System HP offers a “3-in-1 box” that consists of servers, storage and networks – all configurable with software tools that automate the whole process; the pre-defined templates captures the essence of best scenarios that are “perfected” in the Lab.

In that sense compared to every other vendor HP seems to have a well-orchestrated strategy (announced in October 2009), products (November 2009), consulting practices (January 2010) and marketing communications (Feb 2010)

If well executed this can be a game changer

(Invited talk given the very select CIO’s in Udaipur on Feb 5, 2010)

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One Response to “Converged Infrastructure – HP is ahead with BladeSystem Matrix”

  1. Achugh Says:

    Good article! HP is very much in a dominating position with BladeSystem Matrix.


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