Tata Prima World Truck

It was nice to see a full page Ad in the newspapers announcing the arrival of Tata Truck “Prima” which is truly a world truck

  • Italian design
  • American, European and Korean engines
  • Mexican chassis
  • Japanese & Korean sheet meatl dies
  • German & American gearboxes
  • Swedish fabrication

Nice to see Tats emerging as a true MNC and world leader

They are already in Top 3 in Steel, Bus & Trucks; may be one day in car too

TCS is already in top 10

You feel proud as an Indian

Look up http://www.prima.tatamotors.com

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2 Responses to “Tata Prima World Truck”

  1. yogesh Says:

    Thanks Prof. for mentioning this in your weblog.
    You feel proud as an Indian – I feel it, when I saw Prima.
    Eagerly waiting , how Aria performs.

    iiitb, 2002148

  2. ssemergic Says:

    Good to hear Yogesh
    Where are you these days? Are you connected to IIIT-B network? NING, Newsletter?
    Keep in touch

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