Felicitations to Professor V Rajaraman

Indian Institute of Science had organized a Felicitation Ceremony on October 31, 2009 to honor Professor V Rajaraman who served IISc as Professor (and Chair of SERC) from 1982 onwards. Professor Rajaraman turned 75 some time back.

It was nice to see Prof Rajaraman and Mrs Dharma Rajaraman seated in the dais along with IISc Director P Balaram and Associate Director N Balakrishnan

There were a number of his former students (Prof Somnath Biswas and Rajat Moona of IIT Kanpur, Prof Govindarajulu of IIIT Hyderabad, Dr Om Vikas of DoE, for example), colleagues (Prof H Krishnamoorthy, Prof Govindarajan of IISc (SERC) and Prof HN Mahabala of IIIT-B, for example)

I had interacted with Prof Rajaraman briefly during the 3 years we were together at IIT Kanpur. He was of immense help in the early days of IIIT-Bangalore; he was also the first External Member of IIIT-B Senate.

I wish Prof Rajaraman & Dharma many long happy days ahead

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2 Responses to “Felicitations to Professor V Rajaraman”

  1. Bharath Says:

    A very nice gesture indeed.
    And sir, there’s a correction here, IISc director is not Mr. V. Balaram but Mr. P. Balaram.

  2. ssemergic Says:

    Thanks for pointing out a typo (I have corrected it)

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