Both Apple and Palm announce price cuts and low cost phones

Interesting coincidence (may be planned) Palm reduced the price of Palm Pre by $ 50 and announced the launch (date not specified) of Palm Pixie at $ 99 (appears like a real steal based on first impressions). Apple announced $ 99 iPod Touch!

Interesting; good for the consumers

4 Responses to “Both Apple and Palm announce price cuts and low cost phones”

  1. Rajeev Says:

    yes, for palm it seems to be the last serious attempt at survival, which they may succeed in, given the pre reviews are positive- whereas for apple, i thought that the nano and its features (video camera, tuner etc) were the most talked about, after of course Steve Jobs first appearance on stage since Oct 08- quelling rumours about his health….

  2. Hariharan Says:

    Are the price cuts applicable in US alone? When Apple said that iPhone would be available for $499, I remember the price was about 32k here.

  3. ssemergic Says:

    In USA all phones are locked for typically for 2 years; so AT&T charges more than $300 over the two years!
    India is a “free” country! (though not for BlackBerry & iPhone in the first 1 year (tied to Airtel)

  4. ssemergic Says:

    Good to see your comments Rajeev

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