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Jayant Haritsa gets Bhatnagar Award

September 26, 2009

In today’s announcement of 11 Bhatnagar awardees, there is one Computer Science person, Prof Jayant Haritsa of IISc well-known for his key contributions to database research. He does proud to the IT community in India

IIT faculty on hunger strike

September 25, 2009

Without hurting teaching and other academic activity the faculty members of the prestigious IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) went on a hunger strike protesting against the spirit of Government control and the pay structures announced recently.

It is a sad day; sad that IIT faculty have to resort to such a measure; added to this sadness is the fact that a well-meaning Government, Minister and the establishment have to let such a thing happen.

One hopes an early end to this deadlock; there must be a better way to resolve such deadlocks!

EDS brand is no more

September 23, 2009

HP decided to retire the EDS brand today. With this comes an end to a long standing IT services brand that started way back in 1962 (much before the IT services was viewed as an industry segment, let alone a huge industry)

With Dell acquiring Perot Systems on September 21, 2009 the IT services saw further consolidation, with Accenture, CSC and Cap Gemini remaining as the IT Services majors (along with IBM and HP) and the Indian IT Services biggies TCS, Infosys & Wipro.

Many younger IT professionals may not know that EDS started off as a wing of General Motors!

EDS has a large presence thru Jerry Rao founded MPhasis; it became an EDS Company after being acquired by EDS a couple of years back; now it becomes an HP Company!

Interesting times indeed!!

Dell decides to buy Perot Systems for $ 3.9 billion

September 21, 2009

Dell the PC (desktop, laptop and server) giant that pioneered the “mass distributed production” of PCs and their “mass customization” announced its decision to acquire Perot Systems an IT services major.

Interestingly Dell used to be Dell Computers earlier and decided to be just Dell Inc just a few years back; one thought that such a move signals its diversification into printers, PDA’s and other peripherals; with Perot Systems acquisition Dell gets into IT services dominated by IBM and HP.

It is interesting to see the consolidation across the entire IT industry – servers, storage, networks, application software and services with Oracle getting into every segment including hardware and HP acquiring EDS last year.

The Indian IT industry used to be dubbed as “low value” services industry; with every high tech major including IBM, HP, Oracle, Microsoft and now Dell getting into the IT services segment, it appears in hindsight that Indian IT majors TCS, Infosys and Wipro had bet on the right horse! Also all major IT vendors with services focus, IBM, Accenture for example, have large presence in India; one hopes that consolidation only helps to grow further India’s major presence globally in the IT services space.

Intuit buys Mint today

September 15, 2009

Intuit with its Turbotax and Quicken has a niche position in personal finance products. It has remained a “great place to work” and an admired software product company, though really small in size.

With its acquisition of Mint, Intuit will enter financial planning and information management delivered as SaaS.

I think it is good for the customers (majority of Intuit customers are individuals, who cannot afford the services of financial advisory services firm!)

Both Apple and Palm announce price cuts and low cost phones

September 10, 2009

Interesting coincidence (may be planned) Palm reduced the price of Palm Pre by $ 50 and announced the launch (date not specified) of Palm Pixie at $ 99 (appears like a real steal based on first impressions). Apple announced $ 99 iPod Touch!

Interesting; good for the consumers

EMC starts their New Campus in Bangalore today

September 9, 2009

EMC CFO David Gouldon and Jack Mollen EVP Human Resources along with the Chief Minister of Karnataka formally opened the India Center of Excellence New Campus in Bangalore today (an interesting date 9/9/09!); I am sure it will prove 9 times lucky for EMC and Bangalore!

With million square feet of space spead across two large towers (8 floors tall) it is an amazing facility with an Executive Briefing Center and a very large lab and a data center.

You feel proud of Bangalore and the country as you walk into the facility.

Bangalore and India continue to be the destination of choice for high tech R & D companies.

Over the past one decade some of us are lucky enough to watch amazing facilities coming up in Bangalore, each raising the bar on quality, size, scope, aesthetics and the sheer beauty; ITPL in 1998, Infosys in 1999, GE in 2000, Oracle in 2001, Intel in 2002, SAP in 2003, iFlex in 2004, Accenture in 2005, Microsoft in 2006, Mindtree in 2007, Cisco in 2008 and today EMC. May the tribe multiply (the dates may not be exact as many of them created multiple facilities in different years)

Jack Mollen of EMC visits IIIT-B

September 8, 2009

Jack Mollen, Sr Vice President (Human Resources) of EMC visited IIIT-B and formalized EMC decision to partner with IIIT-B which they consider as a premier University in India.

It was nice listening to some amazing facts

  1. 90% of the revenue of $ 15 billion for EMC come from products introduced just in the past 15 months
  2. With just 40,000 employees EMC has $ 15 billion revenue; TCS has nearly 140,000 employees and has annual revenue of around $ 6 billion (demonstrating the difference across products and services)
  3. EMC has introduced electronic record and remote diagnostics for all their employees!

IIIT-B is proud to be associated with EMC

Internet is 40 years old today

September 2, 2009

September 2, 1969 marks the launch of the first node of ARPANET that later grew to the Internet as we know the Net today.

Internet came to India thru ERNET Project that connected 5 IITs, IISc, NCST and DoE (Department of Electronics) in 1986 as an UNDP funded project (8 million USD)

Many of us in the first decade used E-Mail, remote login and occasionally FTP services. We went to the Internet (in one or two labs) and checked mail a couple of times in a week. Other than IIT community it was pretty much nowhere else in India (except IAS officers who got access to the Net thru NICNET from 1990)

Only on August 15, 19955 the common man (and woman) got Net access.

We have come a long way

Today the Net is there everywhere; every student and professor (let alone uncle and aunty as well as grand Ma and grand Pa) have at least one mail ID!

E-mail comes to you (on y iPhone for me); you check several times in an hour!

You Goggle, look at stock prices, read newspapers, listen to YouTube Kachery (Carnatic music programs) and even watch TV

Not a day goes without accessing the Net. What a transformation!

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 is launched today

September 1, 2009

On September 1, 2009 Oracle Corporation announced the launch of its newest database product 11g Release 2.

It was heartening to see XIUS-bcgi, a Division Megasoft mentioned explicitly mentioned as one of the five key early adopters of the evolutionary product. Megasoft is a Chennai-based telecom software product; it is particularly satisfying for me as I used to be in the Megasoft Board till January 2009.

Interestingly, Oracle 11g Release 2 comes after two years of the release of the product; it also talks of performance improvements and not much about new features!

Just last Friday (August 28, 2009) Apple announced the launch of its OS upgrade (Snow Leopard) with NOT A SINGLE feature addition!

The trend shows the maturity of the software industry!