Careers in IT

In the “Career Counseling” session organized by Times of India, four speakers were requested to address careers in

  1. Economics,
  2. IT,
  3. Biotech, and,
  4. Sciences.

The inaugural address was made by Dr Prabhu Dev, Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University.

Dr Deshpande of ESC spoke on careers in economics & social sciences;

Dr Satish of ISRO spoke on careers in engineering & science;

Dr Acharya of IBAB spoke on careers in Bio-tech;

I was asked to speak on careers in IT

I had the following to say

IT yesterday

The youngsters particularly in Bangalore had a gala time; good pay; great place to work (air conditioned offices, plenty of party mood), faster promotion; and even fun “hopping jobs” effortlessly adding to your salary (without even having to work more)

IT Today

IT is still one of the largest creators of jobs in the organized sector; with 2 million jobs in IT/ITES in India growing at 150 – 200,000 jobs a year till 2008, the growth might slow down; yet, there will be nearly 100,000 job addition even in 2009 with more expected in the year 2010 and beyond. However companies will be choosy; salary increases will be decent; employers getting to be more demanding in performance

IT tomorrow

The growth may not return to the heady days, but growth will pick up by the end of the year; also for those in India with knowledge of English and other European languages, growth in other geographies beyond India also provide opportunities. In future, loyalty will be rewarded (to specific area, those who “dive deep” and those who stay with the same organization). Both individual contributors (technical track) and group contributors (managerial track) will be rewarded.

The key growth area will still be software services (Infosys, Wipro, TCS) that would keep creating tens of thousands of jobs;

software products will be a growth area with thousands of jobs (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Adobe);

software-as-a-service jobs will pick up speed that too from unexpected places like Telcos (BSNL and Airtel);

software for specific industry segments

  1. education (MeritTrack, EduComp),
  2. transporation (RedBus, makemytrip),
  3. healthcare (Yos),
  4. banking (3iInfoTech)

will pick up great speed;

university / college teaching will create tens of thousands of jobs, thanks to acute shortage in Universities; teaching jobs have become attractive from the point of renumeration, thanks to pay revision;

jobs in R & D (IBM Labs, HP Labs, Microsoft Research, Infosys SETLABS) are becoming attractive too (but the jobs will be in hundreds only);

jobs in education and R &D would need advanced degrees (M Tech / PhD).

Cloud computing and application development (like Apple AppStores or BlackBerry AppStore) can create a huge “cottage indutry” that is open to any one (not just to those who are Computer Science graduates)

In summary, there are enough jobs for those well trained in IT industry, but only long term players will be able to  retain the jobs; foundation learning will become more important than tool learning (electronics and NOT mere Verilog programming, supply chain and NOT mere SAP software skills, data modeling and NOT mere Oracle tools mastery)

My very best wishes 

(Event organized by Education Times Division of Times of India as part of their 10th Anniversary (10/10) at RV Dental College Auditorium in JP Nagar I Stage, Bangalore during 2 – 6 PM on July 11, 2009)

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