Globarena event brings 200 College Principals to discuss recession and its impact on jobs

In an event organized by Globarena, NASSCOM and JNTU (JN Tech University – the University that controls the largest number of engineering colleges in the country) there were several views on the current state of the jobs for engineering college students post US meltdown. Dr DN Reddy, Vice Chancellor, JNTU and Mr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder & CEO of Infotech Enterprise spoke from their vantage points (Head of Academe and CEO of a corporation).

I chaired a Panel with Mr Sheen Akkara of Delolite and Mr Amitabh Mishra of iGate on employment trends and opportunities. I only touched on

  • the need to value “loyalty” (to area, to organization) both by employees and employers
  • move away from “selling your self to the highest bidder” to “finding the best match between the skills / strengths of individuals to the job / organization profile”
  • Institutes looking at long term partnership with specific firms / cluster of firms rather than counting the number of companies that visit a college
  • Corporations moving away from “middlemen” (HR consultants) and engage the colleges directly
  • Students stressing on long term value growth and focusing on “money to pocket” instead of “cost to company” figures

Dr Sandhya Chintala of NASSCOM chaired a panel discussion on “Being industry ready” with Mr Sanjay Singh of Dr Reddy’s Lab, Mr Ramesh Loganthan of Progress Software and Mr Namala Giri of IBM

It was a good learning experience to see such diverse views (particularly from academia who find it easy to blame NASSCOM, Industry, AICTE and the Government

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