Three Bangalore-based Institutes get NSF MIT pat

There goes a Times of India front page news today (June 10, 2009) that talks about an old item – NSF decided to support MIT PhD students to spend up to a full year with NSF funding; 8 Institutes were identified; IIIT-B was one among them. The other two Institutes in Bangalore are IISc and NCBS (part of TIFR)

It is a nice feeling to be bracketed with 100 year old IISc and 50 year old TIFR in our ninth year of operation. Of course it is on our promise and over the next 10 years IIIT-B has to prove its performance. Prof Ken Keniston who was on IIIT-B Board and spent a year at IIIT-B from MIT (he was heading the Technology & Society Program at MIT) is instrumental in this development.

Good first step for IIIT-B; miles to cross in the years to come

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4 Responses to “Three Bangalore-based Institutes get NSF MIT pat”

  1. Manish Thaper Says:

    Many congratulations to IIITB family . Perfect gift for all IIITB members. Great going, wishing many more in future.

  2. ssemergic Says:

    Thanks Manish

  3. allenki sridhar Says:

    Hello sir,

    Hearty congratulations for achieving this great award …..and it is a very good news for me to hear this… because i have got admission recently in PGDSD program… from IIIT-B…so i had many doubts at the time of getting offer of my admission….but now….i am feeling very proud to be joining such a great institute where i can improve and acquire my IT skills and up to the industry level and going to interact with the great professors.

    Once again Congratulations…sir..and thanks for being me a student in your institute.

  4. ssemergic Says:

    Welcome to IIIT

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