Apple iPhone 3GS arrives

Today (June 8, 2009) Apple in its developer conference WWDC 2009 launched the faster version of iPhone, 3GS said to surf the Net at double the speed and also some cool features such as ability to watch ECG signals of patients! Apple also launched a cheaper version of iPhone for $ 99 (mail in rebate plus 2 year sign up with AT&T) iPhone software Ver 3.0 with cut/paste, improved search, improved GPS features was also launched.

Smart phones are entering mainstream; will Palm have any chance?

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2 Responses to “Apple iPhone 3GS arrives”

  1. Sriram Ramamurthy Says:

    so will the zooming speeds with iPhone 3GS mean that your blogposts will be made using smartphones hereafter ? 🙂

    I am doing OK and my parents are a little worried as I have quit GAVS job now and on the lookout for a more responsible position. I am afraid I may have to pester you again.

  2. ssemergic Says:

    I have started my blogging & Twitter from iPhone already

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