AMD launches six-core Opteron “Istanbul” – combines power efficiency with performance and cost effectiveness

AMD globally launched Istanbul the six core Opteron processor on June 1, 2009

In India they launched it today.

What I specially like about AMD is the fact that the engineering team in India own practically EVERY part of the design lifecycle  of AMD microprocessors

Today’s launch is very special; thanks to its overall compatibility with existing server environment one can replace the single core Opteron chip with this six core (up to 4-way configuration) and realize the increased performance right away. To drive home the point the engineers took a running server (HP Proliant server), stopped it, replaced just the new processor and started the machine all within 7 minutes. The machine was up and running, with a much higher performance, yet consuming precisely the same 95 watts (that was being measured by a power meter on the socket!)

(I had the privilege of actually launching the processor Istanbul in India in Oberoi Hotel in Bangalore today, along with CTO Michael Goddard and Corporate VP Jeff Verheul, Hyderabad Center Head Dasaradha Gude (GD) and  Bangalore Center Head Ramkumar Subramanian and other members of the India Center)

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