Making the right IT investments in an Uncertain Economy in Catalyst 09 of IBM in Mumbai

I had an opportunity to moderate a Panel discussion on

“Making the right IT investments in an uncertain economy”

as part of Catalyst 09 – the global Smart SoA Seminar – that IBM organizes at many locations around the world.

I had a very distinguished set of Panelists

Romil Turakhia COO of Automated Workflow – Bangalore-based consulting firm that specializes in workflow, SoA for 13 years

Sandeep Phanasgaonkar, CTO of Reliance Capital

Sandy Carter, VP, SoA, IBM New York


Praveen Senger of IDC

We had a User (Reliance), Consultant (Automated Workflow), Supplier (IBM) and Analyst (IDC). My job was rather simple, be the “bell man” to ensure people get lunch on time!

Interestingly, the panel used smart SoA as a smart way to approach IT investment in an uncertain economy. I started out with two examples

  1. Netbooks showing that users are interested in “what feature that they can live without” and NOT “what new feature I want”; this could not have happened without the slowdown
  2. Users in USA happily driving their SUV though they were the only passenger in the vehicle until mid-2008; till crude oil shooting to $ 150  and Boston area users paying $ 4 per gallon. Now “go green” is the mantra!

IT applications also will need to be looked into critically; smart SoA fits in well. It willl need small investments but will increase return on investments hugely

  • Sandeep talked of how Reliance Capital could dramatically re-architect their application from “centralized” to “de-centralized”.
  • Sandy talked about the way IBM is re-positioning its products to adapt to the changing SoA needs.
  • Romil talked about his experiences across financial services as well as other industry segments.
  • Praveen talked of a recent automotive example going for complete smart SoA solution.

There were many questions; about cloud computing, IBM tools, further information, security,..

All in all it was an enjoyable experience

(Panel discussion at Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai 12 Noon to 1:15 PM on May 21, 2009)

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