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IEEE is 125 years old today

May 13, 2009

IEEE the world’s largest body of professional members turns 125 today (May 13, 2009), an important landmark

Not many organizations have been able to go through such transformations and “re-inventions” as IEEE has gone through over the decades.

Starting in 1884 as American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) the Institute had its beginnings in the East Coast of America (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) and the early members had telegraph, power and telecom background (Norvin Green of Western Union, Thomas Edison  and Graham Bell, respectively). An independent society Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) started in 1912 was influenced by Marconi and his wireless work. With the invention of television, radar, transistors, ICs and computers there was significant overlap in the societies’ work and they merged in 1963 to form IEEE. It was predominantly an American Society with 140,000 of its 150,000 members in USA.

Today IEEE is an organization with 375,000 members in 160 countries and 43% of its members are outside USA.

30% if world’s literature in EE & CS originate from 850+ IEEE Conferences & dozens of IEEE Journals / Transactions. IEEE has 1,300 standards under its belt.

I feel particularly happy as I have a long association with IEEE over 35 years; I am a Senior Member today; my office at RUTGERS (where I was teaching in 1997) had IEEE warehouses on my backyard (Piscataway in New Jersey). Bangalore happens to be one of the 8 cities where IEEE 125th Year celebrations are on

Let me wish IEEE yet another glorious century, nay, a millennium