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CII IQ honors Moon Man, Steel Man and Brakes Man

May 9, 2009

Every year on May 9, 2009, CII Institute of Quality (IQ) honors a couple of individuals who have contributed to the cause of quality.

This year they had selected

  • Dr Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO (Indian Spece Research Organization), whom youngsters call as “Moon Man” after the recent success of Moon Mission – where ISRO successfully put the Indian Flag on the surface of the Moon
  • Mr B Muthuraman, MD of Tata Steel who once again became “Steel Man” after Tata Steel emerged as the largest steel manufacturer in the world by acquiring Corus Steel in 2007
  • Mr S Viji the MD of Brakes India who has pioneered automotive brakes manufacture and known in Chennai as “Brakes Man” and currently devoting considerable time & energy to the cause of School Education by establishing a School in honor of his School Teacher Abraham Kuruvilla in Chennai and making a difference to Corporation Schools by providing quality inputs, training to teachers

Dr Nair talked of Moon’s surface looking quite “ugly” (unlike popular folklore where one compares the beauty of his/her sweetheart to that of the Moon) with 6,000 meter high hills that are just 200 meters wide! He talked of the “cost effective” nature of Indian space missions.

Mr Muthuraman talked of the need to “standarize, improve / innovate” cycle that must happen all the time if one were to achieve the goal of “world’s chapest stell production” (achieved by Tata Steel in 2007). He also talked of the myth that confuses standardization with “innovation killing”. He talked about the quality running across the organization – not limited to Board room alone. He also talks of “MD Online” where every month he himself comes online for the entire organization – where safety, customers, improvement, sales and rewards – are taken up in that order. Mr Muthuraman talked of the current goal of Tata Steel remaining EVA positive

Mr Viji talked of the need to work with teachers and government.

(I am fortunate to be on the Advisory Board of the CII IQ)