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“Nano” in housing sector

May 3, 2009

Times of India today carries a piece on Ramesh Ramanathan (of Janaagraha fame) and Jerry Rao (of MPhasis fame) foraying into the area of urban low cost housing.

Plans are afoot to create apartments in the Rs 3 to 5 Lakhs range with EMI of Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 range. 

If executed well and in large numbers it will eradicate the major problem of contemporary India – urban squalor. 

Ramesh and Jerry are high-energy, super efficient individuals who can execute well.

One hope that the powers that be support them – governments with land, banks with low interest rates and construction majors not cutting them out with a view to keep their high margin business

I wish them the very best in their exemplary endeavor. 

The solution is rightly named “Nano housing” inspired by the success that Tata Motors had in the low cost people’s car “Nano” that hit global headlines. Such solutions address the genuine needs of “aam admi” in India