Linc Pen to be a known trademark in 50 countries

West Bengal based Linc Pens owned by Deepak Jain seems to maintain its business growth in spite of economic slowdown.

Linc is a trademark already in 30 countries; soon Linc will add 20 more countries (South America, Middle East and Far East); so by the year end India-based Linc brand can be recognized in 50 countries and surely make India and Indians proud

Linc expects to have Rs 50 Crores export revenue this year.

It also plans to expand the current capacity of 2.5 million pens/day to 5 million pens per day in the next 2 years.

It is particularly satisfying at a time when the media is doubting every day the Indian manufacturing prowess

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One Response to “Linc Pen to be a known trademark in 50 countries”

  1. Rahul Varma Says:

    Hi – I just came across your blog on Indian IT . I appreciate the close tracking and update on Indian IT . Though admire Indian IT poineers and Infosys management , I do criticise and hate for them for not establishing a strong business model . Pls see my blog in this context on my views .

    Rahul .

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