It is the best time for start-ups

Slowdown could well be the best time for start-ups.

In an earlier panel discussion organized by Economic Times several of us (Capt Gopinath of Deccan Aviation, Rajeev Mody of Sasken and others) felt so

It was nice to see Microsoft BizSpark partnering with IDG ventures that has earmarked Rs 100 crores for investing up to Rs 25 crores in start-up companies with less than Rs 5 crores turnover; while IDG Ventures gives cash, Microsoft will provide high quality software (across the entire stack of Microsoft products – server OS, DBMS, tools, enterprise applications and productivity software) estimated to run into several crores of Rupees as well!

From my side I felt it was an excellent decision; start-up companies need space, money, technology, access to market, access to quality people, and inspiration from other entrepreneurs; currently academic institutes provide incubation; STPI provides connectivity; venture funds (like ICICI Ventures) provide funds; but if all of them can come together it will make a huge difference to the start-ups, the way a gardener takes care of

  • Seed
  • Good top soil
  • Water
  • Fertilizers
  • Sunlight

One hopes that with TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur) partnering and other technology vendors (hardware, network, telecom) and academic institutes too partnering it will accelerate the growth of the next big company (interestingly IBM, Google, Microsoft and Oracle started during recession) from Bangalore

(Keynote address given during the launch of Microsoft BizTalk and IDG Ventures Rs 100 Crore funds for start-up at Taj Residency on March 13, 2009)

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