My meeting with Mrs Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation

I met with Mrs Sudha Murthy in her office in Bannerghatta Road on March 6, 2009. It was a short meeting for 30 minutes (1030 AM to 11 AM). My colleague Dr Jyotsna Bapat also joined me in the meeting.

Like every other meetings, this meeting too left a lasting impression on me. Sudha mentioned to me about her initiative in USA.

Infosys Foundation gets about Rs 20 Crores ($ 4 Million) every year from Infosys (about 1% of their profit). The Foundation does a lot of work particularly in health care and education area among the rural students in the States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Orissa, Maharashtra and Punjab where Infosys has direct presence.

What was touching was Sudha’s decision to invest Rs 5 Crores ($ 1 Million) in USA in the year 2009; everyone knows the difficulty that the poor in America are facing, given the worst economic scene.

Only visionary leadership can think of such action plans. Of course India is far poor; but the poor in USA (though by Dollar terms they could be earning more than Indian counterparts) are suffering too. A million dollar may not be enough, but not an insignificant amount either; it can make a difference to dozens of families.

Such thoughtfulness is what makes Infosys family so special.

We at IIIT-B are fortunate to be closely associated with many people in the large Infosys family (100,000+ strong)

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23 Responses to “My meeting with Mrs Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation”

  1. sunil Rao Says:

    we are the team of like minded youth power started an organization with the guidance of Dr.Aralumallige Parthasarathy an international Celebrity.
    We are on the way to creat an new youth wave of india.So,for the detailsa you could visit our web site.and contact me for the more info.
    pls help us to move forward successfully.
    thank you With regards
    Sunil Rao

  2. sunil Rao Says:

    it s really wonder

  3. G.P.Rao, Founder Chairman, Spandan. Says:

    Spandan, an NGO, committed to propagation and inculcation of values in management and society,would like to get in touch with Ms.Sudha Murthy, the Chaiperson of Infosys Foundation. I would appreciate if her e-mail Id is informed.
    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Dr.(Prof.) G.P.Rao, Founder Chairman, Spandan, India.

  4. ssemergic Says:

    You can reach her at

  5. priya Says:

    i would like to know madam’s email address
    she is my inspiration & i wanna thank her in some ways
    pl can u provide her mail address

  6. ssemergic Says:

    “Foundation” , will reach Mrs Sudha Murthy

  7. Priyanka Says:

    Respected Sir,
    I would like to know how can I forward my appreciation letter to Sudha madam.I am a professor in an MBA college.I want to convey my gratitude to madam.

  8. ssemergic Says:

    Write to her
    Chairperson Infosys Foundation Bannerghata Road BLR 560 076

  9. darshana Says:

    i really appritiate work by sudha mam, she is my Idol i really wann work wit her.can any one tell me how i should contact her??

  10. pamela Thomas Says:

    Dear Madam
    Iam a lecturer working in St.Theresa’s Autonomous College for Women Eluru ,W.G.Dist, A.P .
    The Dept of English is conducting a U.G.C National Seminar on Friday 4th and sat 5th December 2009 on the Topic ” Creative Writing- A Forum for Aspiring Indian English Short Story Writers.” We would be delighted if you would honour us with your presence as Resource person for the seminar, as you will be a great motivating factor especially for women from the rural sector , as Eluru college caters more for women from the rural areas. We look forward to a favourable reply from you.

    My email id and phone numbers are given for your kind perusal.We would like Madam’s phone number if possible

    Pamela Thomas

  11. ssemergic Says:

    I am the wrong person to talk on Creative Writing! You should call Shobha De!
    BTW I am NOT a woman

  12. ssemergic Says:

    IBM did not agree to dilution of equity (ownership) as demanded by the Government of India

  13. Patekar J.G. Says:

    Respected Sir,
    I would like to know how can I forward my appreciation letter to Sudha madam.I am a professor in an MBA college.I want to convey my gratitude to madam.

  14. ssemergic Says: will reach Sudha

  15. Dinesh Kumar G D Says:

    Dear sir/Madam

    I am engineering graduate my dream is to provide the high level
    education like CBSE to rural students for that i had 2 hectorof land
    in rural area that particuler schol suppose to start under the one
    Charitiable Trust for that what type of the help expecting from your
    foundation please send the information.

    my mail address
    Dinesh Kumar
    Akshara Charitible Trust
    Hassan D

  16. deepa Says:

    hi mam i wanted your adress please i have a letter for you please send mam

  17. ssemergic Says:

    Prof S Sadagopan
    Director IIIT-B
    26/c, Electronics City
    Bangalore 560100

    is my address
    Thanks for your care

    BTW I happen to be a gentleman (my father’s name is Sowmyanarayanan often becomes Sowmya Narayanan!)

  18. Dr KP Sreenath Says:

    I Dr KP Sreenath, President of Lions Club of Vidyagayathrinagara wish to organise National Talent Search Examination Coaching centre at Melekote Government High School of Doddaballapur Taluk. Could you please help in getting started by sponsoring a progaramme till the end of November for Istage. If they are successful the II stage will begin. My ambition is popularise science, maths and language grammar to build stong India.
    Primary education to the love the counctry
    Secondary education to know my country
    College/Higher education is to lead my country.

  19. Lakshmikantha.G Says:

    Hi mam i’m great fan of u and ur Books.. mam l just want to see you directly once……….pls mam if u arrenge for it. as soon as passible.

  20. ssemergic Says:

    I am not Sudha Murthy
    I am Prof Sadagopan, Director, IIT Bangalore!
    Like you I am also a fab of Sudha Murthy
    To reach her try

  21. ARUN SAREEN Says:

    Ability to generate wealth is good thing but ability to donate wealth is greater thing !!! It takes a strong and compassionate mind to donate in millions. Sudha ji’s idol was Mr. JRD Tata, who taught her the virtue of sharing wealth which she imbibed gracefully.

    Arun Sareen

  22. Ashwath Says:

    U r a true ambassador for simplicity and writing.

  23. madhumita Says:

    i love the story ‘ How i taught my grandmother to read ‘ by Sudha Murty

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