President Obama lays emphasis on creating jobs, making education & healthcare affordable, providing tax cuts to consumers and bringing down the deficit to citizens,

In his weekly address to the Nation, President Obama on February 21, 2009 had his priorities absolutely clear

His Reconstruction Bill (nearly $ 900 billion bailout plan) will create nearly 3.5 million jobs.

He also talked of making college degree affordable and improved healthcare

He talked of nearly $ 65 / month tax rebate (at the minimum) for all citizens (that will be felt as early as April 2009)

President Obama laid emphasis on transparency, thereby ensuring that the money is wisely spent

Last, but not the least, Obama talked of reducing the $ trillion deficit he inherited from the previous government.

All of them are simple, yet not always seen correctly by politicians. With the UPA government throwing all winds of caution and taking the country to the dangerous position of 1991 (thanks to unusually high deficit) our politicians will be well advised in taking a lesson from Obama’s weekly video talks!

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