BSPIN – Software Process Improvement Network – gets a new “makeover”

BSPIN has been very active for 17 years now; it has grown  at Chennai, Bombay, Delhi and other placestoo (though the units are independent)

Of the many professional societies, BSPIN has shown consistency AND energy (not common with others, who have either of them NOT both); by avoiding lobbying and high pitch marketing they stayed focused; BSPIN facilitated good industry & academia interaction; had been inclusive (big & small, Indian & MNC companies, for example); focused on measurements, had knowledge-sharing as the goal; in short, BSPIN has contributed to the “quality” movement in the Indian software industry.

With a new branding, logo and a web-site (launched on January 31, 2009), BSPIN is off to a great start.

I wish BSPIN a great future where the focus moves beyond quality to innovation; BSPIN should even look at “going global” with publications and events so as to help many other countries wanting to benefit from the “software opportunity”. May be, they can talk to CMU’s SEI and look at “beyond CMM”. BSPIN should aim to be a leader with all humility.

In short,

  • BSPIN had a splendid past,
  • momentous present, and,
  • an exciting future.

I am fortunate to be associated with BSPIN all through the years


(Keynote address given on January 31, 2009)

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