President Obama’s weekly address stresses on the correct priorities

The new web-site of Whitehouse has a  very  simple and elegant design. It has a place for President’s weekly message too.

The weekly address of Jan 24, 2009 has a simple, yet powerful message; the new Government’s resolve to “invest” not “just throw money around” (which India is very good at, going by what happened in the past 4 years of UPA Government; it was no different with earlier Governments too)

It talks of 

  • Investing in roads and ports (for a country with excellent infrastructure)
  • Investing in 10,000 Schools (for a country that has universal access to education)
  • Tripling University fellowship (for a country that offers the largest number of University Fellowships in the world)

On the top of it, the President talked of a Web-site that will give account of the way money is being spent!

The best way to keep democracy alive is to improve transparency; if technology can help, it is a bonus. That is REAL IT

I cannot but wish that Indian Government takes some lessons; particularly when we as a country are way behind in physical infrastructure, social infrastructure (education & healthcare)!

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