iPhone – the “most exciting” and the “most disappointing” gadget of the year 2008

Apple iPhone 3G that was launched in USA on July 22, 2008 interestingly is the most exciting gadget. The screen readability, intuitive, yet powerful rendering on the screen of even basic functions like e-mail and SMS is stunning. The “touch interface” is marvelous to browse web sites; of course, Safari browser adds to iPhone attractions. 90% of my mobile computing needs are met by iPhone 3G.


However, as a heavy weight user of Mobile phone, I am far from satisfied. Battery life lasts not even for a full single day; also we do not have the luxury of borrowing neighbor’s charger (a luxury I enjoy for 10 years with my every Nokia phone). Every time I go to another place, iPhone must be cajoled to find the service provider; my Nokia phones do it instantly. If I send SMS to 10 of my students my phone is gone for 10 minutes; I do not even get a ‘delivery repot’!


Funny it may appear, but the truth is Apple iPhone is the best mobile computer and an “also ran” mobile phone; may be good enough for Americans who never had great phones!

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