One more learning opportunity – Microsoft Tech Vista @ Chennai on Oct 1, 2008

Microsoft Research India organized its third edition of Tech Vista –

  • day full of outstanding talks from world’s leading computer scientists
  • upcoming & promising researchers in India (mostly PhD students) showing off their work thru “poster presentations” and 
  • a very large number of students & faculty from dozens of Institutions (both Tier I and Tier II/III) 

all assembled in Trade Center, Chennai.

The day-long festival had John Hopcroft of Cornell (NP-completeness fame), Shafi Goldwasser of MIT / Weizmann, Shree Nayar of Columbia, Rich Rashid & Rich Szeliski of Microsoft Research and our own Vijay Chandru of Strand Genomics giving in-depth talks on cutting edge technologies.

In all, it was a great event to quench one’s intellectual thirst.

Though I missed this event, select IIIT-B students had benefited fully; I could get some “gyan” today (Oct 3) during the day-long presentation to TAB (Technical Advisory Board) of which I am a Member. It was a great feeling to see the Bangalore Center managing to get so much intellectual output, thanks to Anandan & Kentaro who have built an outstanding team of 27 PhD qualified researchers in just 4 years!

  • Technology for Emerging Markets
  • Mobility
  • Algorithms
  • Rigorous software engineering
  • Cryptography and
  • Multi-lingual systems

are the key areas in whivh the researchers presented some exciting work.

All in all, MSR India is genuinely contributing to the research ecosystems in India

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