A sad day for India – Nano project moves out of Singur in West Bengal

With Tatas saying “tata” (good bye) to Singur, it is not just West Bengal that lost; all right thinking Indians lost to self-serving politicians for whom rhetoric and posturing are important, than service  the people.

It is a sad day because of good political leaders (there are still some left) decided to keep silent; the only hope of West Bengal (Chief Minister & Governor) were ignored. Law of the land was not allowed to have its course. The media did not add to their glory as well (by portraying the right “vibes” they could have got the right-thinking people to fight an unjust movement led by self-serving leaders)

Communists, by killing systematically any forum for dissent (by use of force) had silenced the “true voice” over the four decades.

One only hopes that some one will speak for the real farmers (several thousands of them) who would have benefited through education, healthcare, jobs and prosperity that the Nano project would have provided and what communists have systematically denied to the rural farmers in West Bengal for decades.

Bengal could have re-gained its lost glory by hosting Nano – a project, not just a pride for India, but a path-breaking move for the not-so-rich people of the world. Alas a golden opportunity is lost!

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