The India you may NOT know & Innovation at the most unexpected places

There is so much happening in India that many of us may not know. For example,

    Apple iPod (the ultimate gadget the youngsters today) had the audio codec (in the earlier days) from Portal Player whose development center used to be in Hyderabad; again iPod got “unwired” by a start-up firm ImpulseSoft based out of Bangalore; though the Indian media routinely dismisses Indian IT as “software coolies”. ImpulseSoft and Portal Player do not exist today!

    Three of the top 10 core banking products (as per The Banker, UK), iFlex Fexcube (now part of Oracle), Infosys Finacle and MiSys (an Irish company with major development center in Bangalore) are “Made in India” though most Indians (including IT professionals) think India “cannot do products”!

    HiCal Magnetics (now HiCal Technologies) is the major “magnetic component” supplier to the likes of Nokia. Started by a husband and wife team (who went to REC Suratkal), HiCal proved that India CAN DO hardware

    VXL Instruments with technology leadership provided by Dr Maslekar was the “global” No 3 “thin client” manufacturer as per Gartner; we design, make, sell, support hardware for the global markets!

    Infineon designed the $ 20 mobile phone chip out of Bangalore; the “single chip” design for mobile phone by Texas Instruments had tons of “made in India”; Motofone (not a spectacular success) was made for India. Nokia “Made for India” phone (Nokia 1100) was a spectacular success! Vasantha-led team in Bangalore designed an 80-core processor (will be commercialized 3 years from now); Intel Bangalore designed Xeon processor is into production in the third week of September 2008

    Innovation happens at the most unexpected places

    A lot has been written about “dubbawala” of Bombay who move tiffin boxes to millions of office goers in Bombay with better than “six sigma” quality

    Arvind Eye Hospital & Narayana Hrudayalaya do eye & heart surgery at world-class quality level but at a fraction of global cost!

    Bangalore International Airport (not withstanding lack of road / train access) was built in record time against all odds (with a non-functioning government and no government for much of the 34 month period)

    IIIT-B could graduate 1,000 M Tech students with a high quality at a fraction of costs compared to every other Institute

    You too can innovate

    Start today (not tomorrow); do not look outside (listen to your inner voice); role models are nice to have; becoming one is “nicer”!

    (Talk at the “Common Purpose” event at Taj Gateway Hotel, Bangalore on Sep 26, 2008)

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