Google G1 is a reality today

On 7:30 PM IST today (September 23, 2008) Google Phone (G1) was launched in New York by the 4th US Cariier T Mobile (part of Deutsche Telekom) after more than 18 months of “rumour mill”

With Apple iPhone setting a very high benchmark, the show was “damp squibb” compared the “hoopsla” created on the launch of iPhone (July 2007) and iPhone 3G (July 2008).

The phone itself is made by HTC; it is a good phone; it has “touch” interface (I used HTC Touch 6 months back and gave up as the “touch” works “on and off”). One hopes it has improved.

G1 is a clear “Google Phone”; if you Google Search, GMail, YouTube you would love it. One is not sure of great “audio” the basic need for a phone! G1 lets you multi-task (based on several Video blogs including NY Times, Times London, BBC, BusinessWeek) that I could watch within 2 hours of launch; I feel almost I were there for the launch!

It will be an interesting 3 G phone to watch; $ 179 ($ 20 less than iPhone 3G) with GPS, 3G, TouchScreen with some “lock in” (all US consumers get “lock in” unlike India a “free country”) is not a bad buy

Google talks of all “open”; one has to see whether it is a “rhetoric” or “nice philosophy” to preach to others (the way “super rich” Indian politicians who were “corrupt to the core” using “capitalitic money and goods” used to talk of the virtues of “socialism” for decades)

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